The Trick To Freezing Homemade Burritos To Enjoy Later

Some nights are more hectic than others. While you may want to cook a huge spread of your favorite Mexican food, making fresh mango guacamole from scratch, tacos al pastor-style pork chili, and grilled Mexican street corn, there simply isn't enough time. This is when a frozen burrito can become your best friend. However, it doesn't have to be the kind you buy in the freezer section at the grocery store. Instead, it should be those that have been prepped, rolled, and made in advance, wrapped in foil, stored in freezer-safe plastic bags, and frozen for nights like these.

To do so, you want to start with room-temperature ingredients, preferably those that are not moisture-rich. You can always add a little lettuce, guac, salsa, or tomatoes after you've thawed and reheated. But you want to make sure the tortillas, beans, rice, and your chosen proteins are not warm when assembling. This is a critical step because you do not want your burritos sweating as all those yummy fillings cool off, causing a wet mess. 

How to reheat your frozen burritos

A word to the wise: add your ingredients one at a time. Cook the beans and rice on their own, and keep the veggies out of the rice. This method ensures that each component is cooked properly and maintains its integrity in every bite of your burrito, allowing each ingredient to really make its mark.

When you are ready to reheat your frozen burritos, all you have to do is remove them from the freezer and unroll them from their foil blanket. Let your burritos sit for a few minutes while your skillet heats up, and then warm them in the pan on medium-low for seven to ten minutes. If you prefer, you can also place them directly into a 400 degrees Fahrenheit, preheated oven. You will want to plan ahead because they will need to cook for about 45 minutes to an hour or until the tortilla has crisped up. Your frozen burritos will keep for anywhere from three to six months.