15 Most Popular Frozen Burritos, Ranked Worst To Best

The burrito dates back thousands of years to when groups of people living in what is known as modern-day Mexico wrapped their food in corn tortillas (via Qasada). Historians suggest this led to the tacos and burritos we all know and love.

Today, people indulge in delicious and packed burritos worldwide, especially in North America. Burritos generally contain savory ingredients, like meat or fish, with cheese, vegetables, rice, beans, and condiments like salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole, or sour cream. The ingredients are then tightly wrapped in a large flour tortilla. These massive meals can be quite the undertaking for even the biggest appetites.

Many frozen burritos do not compare to the real deal. Still, because we love convenient meals, we decided to taste fifteen of the most popular frozen burritos and rank them to help you next time you venture to the grocery store. When ranking these brands, we considered many factors like flavor, quality of ingredients, nutritional value, and size. Keep reading to see if your favorites made the cut and discover some new frozen burrito brands.

15. PJ's Organics

California is known for incredible Mexican food, so PJ's decided to make this type of food accessible to the masses. The brand promotes a healthier spin on traditional Mexican flavors, which sets the bar extremely high. But we believe this product did not quite hit the mark on the delicious and authentic food found south of the border. 

Health food grocery stores, like Whole Foods, carry PJ's Organics burritos in the frozen section and the brand lists its ingredients on the front of the packaging, making it simple to identify its contents. Additionally, the protein content stood out on the packaging, which is helpful for those tracking macros. 

The pros to PJ's Organics are the organic ingredients you can trust, including antibiotic-free chicken. On the flip side, we wish the burritos were carried at more stores and provided more flavor. Overall we like what we tasted and would consider PJ's Organics again for a healthier alternative.

14. Las Campanas

Next on our popular frozen burritos ranking, we tasted Las Campanas burritos. Kroger shoppers will recognize Las Campanas Burritos if they frequent the frozen food section. For many, Las Campanas brings them back to childhood; However, with so many frozen burrito brands today, we did not let the nostalgia of it all sway our taste test and review one way or another.

Frozen burritos all have one thing in common: convenience. When hunger strikes, nothing satisfies like a microwavable frozen burrito. Babbletop suggests not microwaving these burritos to avoid the middle contents turning to mush. We prefer our ingredients to stay in their original forms, so we do not like the sound of this statement. Burritos with whole, filling, and flavorful ingredients (that don't turn to mush when heated) prove to be favorites for the Tasting Table testers. If convenience is your only concern, these burritos do the trick, but keep browsing if you look at ingredients and consistency.

13. Lilly B's

We feel great knowing the ingredients we consume are organic and "better-for-you," so we had high hopes for this frozen burrito brand. Lilly B's provides products to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and for the sake of this article, we dove right into their burrito offerings.

Compared to many frozen food brands, Lilly's prioritizes using whole ingredients in their burritos and goes as far as to label them right on the front of the packaging. We appreciate the transparency and value brands that choose natural and organic ingredients. However, with Lilly's frozen burritos, we found the flavor did not match the standard of the ingredients. Many healthier brands lose sight of the flavor aspect because their main priority is the quality of ingredients. We like our burritos packed with flavor and believe even the bean and cheese burrito could use more seasoning. If you want a clean, organic product, Lilly's is the way, but look elsewhere for a spicy, flavorful frozen burrito.

12. The Alpha Burrito

Scoot over meat, this next burrito in our roundup packs a ton of plants into one delicious meatless creation. Alpha Foods strives to create plant-based food for whether you're vegetarian, pescatarian, or even a carnivore. Yes, you read that right. Their products do not contain meat, but the company believes anyone can enjoy their burritos no matter their dietary preferences.

Alpha Foods uses quality, plant-based ingredients in every burrito offering. We tasted the Chik'n Fajita All Day Burrito to compare it to our beloved meaty chicken burrito. While tasting, we discovered the burrito provided more flavor than anticipated, mainly from the dairy-free spicy cheddar and fajita sauce. Compared to other vegan options, Alpha Foods packs its burritos with flavor.

Pro Tip: We found that following the oven cooking instructions on the Alpha Foods website provided a better crunch and consistency than microwaving the burrito, which left it softer and not cooked.

11. Daiya

Daiya creates dairy-free products made entirely from plants, and their burrito offerings are no different. Simple healthy frozen meals can be challenging to find, so it's essential to look at the ingredients and make sure the marketing matches the label.

Daiya sells a variety of burritos, amongst other savory meals. With Daiya, you don't need to worry about harmful ingredients as their deliciously dairy-free meals are free of many major allergens. The convenience of the meals makes Daiya a standout in the allergen-free department. Our only hesitation is the length of the ingredients far surpasses other healthy burrito offerings in our ranking.

The flavor of the burritos comes through in every bite, especially hints of poblano salsa of peppers in The Santiago Burrito. For a healthier alternative, Daiya contains a ton of flavor and pulls us back in for more bites again and again. If you need a healthy, dairy-free burrito, keep Daiya on your radar.

10. Don Miguel

Our next frozen brand may not be the healthiest frozen burrito, but Don Miguel serves up restaurant-quality deliciousness. Convenience is key, so if you want authentic Mexican, Don Miguel takes the cake, or should we say the tortilla. The brand stems from founder Alejandro Morales selling his wife's delicious tamales on the streets in Anaheim, California. Don Miguel evolved from street meats to a thriving food brand and today continues the mission of serving up the best authentic Mexican food.

Here at Tasting Table, we are always up for a challenge, so we choose Don Miguel's "The Bomb Burritos" for our tasting test. A big appetite calls for a big burrito, so nothing made more sense than to try the 3/4 lb of beef deliciousness. Out of the four varieties, Don Miguel also offers a Chipotle Chicken Bomb Burrito, so you have options. It's safe to say this quick and convenient burrito was the bomb for our tastebuds too.

9. Red's All Natural

Have you ever created a homemade burrito so delicious you decide to sell it? The Founder of Red's All Natural had an aha moment one night after his wife crafted the most mouth-watering burrito. This bright idea turned into a business venture striving to bring people burritos filled with better ingredients without compromising taste.

We dove into Red's to ensure these "healthier" burritos contained the best ingredients and were not another example of greenwashing. Their promise to find fresh and wholesome ingredients for their food stands true. Red's All Natural ingredients contain real meat, beans, cheese, etc., instead of the factory-created mush you find in other processed frozen meals.

We voted the All Natural Steak Burrito as our favorite. The steak, beans, cheese, and rice stand out and pack a powerful punch. The fullness and quality of ingredients allow us to treat this burrito like a proper meal rather than a late-night snack.

8. Evol Foods

Frozen food with natural food ingredients? What a concept. Evol asks, "When did frozen food stop having food as an ingredient?" We agree with this query and got thinking about how food brands get away with adding mush and additives to their frozen meals. The best foods yield fewer ingredients and ones you can pronounce. Evol cares about food, where it comes from, where it is produced, and how it tastes. The things hold great importance to us, too, when choosing a frozen burrito. So we gave Evol's a try.

We found the Evol Burrito tasted average when it came time for a taste test. This burrito's natural ingredients are apparent; However, the overall taste was rather bland. This burrito calls for additional salt packets, seasoning, or hot sauce to be added by the consumer. We recommend trying the Bean, Rice, and Cheddar since nothing is worse than under-seasoned meat like we found in the other variations. If at Whole Foods or in a pinch, we would recommend Evol's with a side of salsa or guacamole.

7. El Monterey

All El Monterey products stem from a love for family and authentic Mexican cuisine. Founder Fred Ruiz took inspiration from his grandmother's recipes to first make enchiladas and ultimately a line of frozen Mexican foods like burritos, chimichangas, taquitos, and more. El Monterey ensures you will have the most authentic frozen burritos on hand when your stomach craves delicious Mexican Food at any hour.

El Monterey offers a wide variety of burritos, including Bean and Cheese, Beef and Bean Green Chili, and Beef and Bean Red Chili Burritos. You can purchase these flavors in multipacks, XL sizes, or single signatures. No matter your appetite, or family size, El Monterey provides the burritos you need.

When it comes to taste, El Monterey satisfies every time. We suggest pan-frying them straight out of the freezer for the ultimate crispy outer shell. Add your favorite condiments, like hot sauce or salsa, then guacamole and sour cream for a delicious and easy meal at any hour.

6. Whole Foods 365

Whole Foods Market's website boasts about its high-quality standards and usage of the best natural and organic foods. We dug deeper to ensure the next burrito on our ranking, although sold at Whole Foods, aligned with these high standards. Our taste testers are no strangers to greenwashing, so we closely looked at the ingredients list. In this case, we grabbed a classic Frozen Bean and Cheese Burrito from the Whole Foods 365 label.

Overall, this burrito contained ingredients we could read and pronounce with only a few elements that aren't great for you, like various oils and sugars. According to the nutrition label, the overall sugar content is less than 1g per serving. Nutrients aside, we found the taste to be delicious. It's hard to mess up a bean and cheese burrito, but the ratio of ingredients in this one was correct. If you shop at Whole Foods, their burritos are great to keep on hand in the freezer when you're in a pinch or craving Mexican food.

5. Trader Joe's

You can find the next burrito in our ranking at the happiest place on earth. No, not Disneyland, but our beloved grocery store, Trader Joe's. If you shop at Trader Joe's frequently, you understand the hype and will want to add their frozen burritos to your grocery list after this review.

We tasted Trader Joe's Chicken Burritos and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Like many other frozen burritos on our list, we suggest using the oven cooking instructions. While the microwave saves time, we find the burrito gets a tad mushy during the thawing process. This burrito opts for leg meat, a more flavorful part of the chicken, complemented by sweet and tangy bean paste.

We will note the back of the label notes 960 mg of sodium per serving, so eat these in moderation. This burrito is a real treat and any easy freezer meal to keep on hand if you shop at Trader Joe's.

4. Sweet Earth's

The common theme in our frozen burrito ranking is flavor. We love brands that found a way to make frozen food convenient and flavorful and our next brand, Sweet Earth, did just that. Taste and environmental impact are at the forefront of this brand's focus. They have created unique variations from the cheeseburger burrito, a plant-based Buffalo Style Chik'n, and even a Peruvian Burrito, to name a few of their offerings.

The Awesome Cheeseburger Burrito caught our eye on their product offerings, so we knew we had to taste this frozen burrito for ourselves. Inspired by the American classic, Sweet Earth revamped it, made it plant-based, and wrapped the contents into a burrito. Expect a tortilla containing plant-based "meat," Cheddar Jack cheese, and a touch of Kale and Tangy Tomato Onion Salsa to tie it all together. We were pleasantly surprised by the meal and would throw it in our cart next time we go to Whole Foods.

We look forward to trying the other variations, especially the frozen breakfast burritos.

3. Tina's Burritos

Frozen food that's delicious and nutritious is music to our ears. Tina's Burritos focuses on tasty creations that help customers meet their nutritional needs without sacrificing the convenience of a single serving burrito. Tina's offers single and multi-pack burritos to keep you satisfied no matter your appetite or group size. Most of the burritos contain beans, so we took the bean and cheese as our test subject for this review.

Tina's puts an immense amount of care into their preparation. The tortillas are baked from scratch and then wrapped around the components of the bean and cheese. Quickly microwave this burrito if in a time crunch, or use an air fryer or oven for optimal crispiness. These burritos are low-calorie but filling and include 9 grams of plant-based protein. We recommend adding more cheese, hot sauce, salsa, sour cream, and or guacamole on top for a truly spectacular Mexican cuisine.

2. José Olé

This next burrito will curb any Mexican food craving. José Olé slays the frozen Mexican food game and has been serving up favorites for decades. The brand offers authentic taquitos, chimichangas, mini tacos, burritos, amongst other things. Our research took us straight to the burritos, where we were surprised to see a lack of variety. José Olé sells only Beef and Cheese and Beef and Jalapeño regular burritos and the deep-fried chimichanga line.

José Olé provides a sturdy tortilla which we appreciate. Nothing is worse than your tortilla giving out and its contents spilling onto your plate. The Beef and Jalapeño burrito, specifically, packs a ton of flavor, which is rare in frozen meals. We suggest using the oven to heat the burrito rather than the microwave for added crispiness and reduced mush on the inside. Overall, José Olé satisfied our cravings, contained quality ingredients, and left us wanting more. If you are in the market for a solid and authentic frozen burrito, José Olé gets the job done.

1. Amy's Kitchen

It's no surprise this brand snagged our number one frozen burrito ranking. It's hard to beat Amy's Kitchen's high-quality organic offerings, and their burritos are no different. The burritos consistently pack flavor and fill you up without leaving you feeling gross or sluggish after consuming one. Amy's make it simple to find the food that works for you. Their website sorts products by special diets, categories, and meals to find the best meal for your dietary needs and meal preference.

The Organic Black Bean and Cheese Burrito never disappoints. This authentic burrito stuffs black beans, cheese, house-made burrito sauce, and a unique blend of mild chiles, all wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla. This variation is not gluten-free; However, Amy's offers gluten-free and non-dairy versions of the classic burrito. The burritos are not massive, so we'll polish off two when hunger strikes.

Overall, we love this brand and the incredible burritos it provides. We appreciate the attention to dietary preferences, taste, and quality of ingredients, and we look forward to tasting more flavors of Amy's burritos soon.