The Costco Food Court Hack For A Nostalgic Ice Cream Treat

Whether you're shopping alone or buying groceries for a crowd, a trip to Costco is always in your best interest. It's not only a chance to stock up on unique items, but also an opportunity to peruse endless aisles of goodies, sampling new treats at every turn. Of course, it also means a final, and very much customary, stop at the food court afterwards. Yet, while you could stick with the classic combo of soda and hotdog, there are a bunch of must-try Costco food court hacks that are too tempting — and nostalgic! — to pass up. Root beer float, anyone?

Although you can't order this classic treat at the kiosks, there's a way to take matters into your own hands. It might feel a touch mischievous, but food court purchases can be transformed into all sorts of off-the-menu delights without worry, and that includes the beloved root beer float. A clever way to combine two food court favorites, the resulting jumbo-sized float even falls within budget, costing under $3. Naturally, it also helps that it's simple to execute.

To make a root beer float, all you need to do is order a soda along with a cup of vanilla soft serve. At the soda station, simply fill your cup with root beer, stopping once it's about three-quarters full. Then, carefully scoop the ice cream over the top and finish with a final splash of soda. Just like that, the retro ice cream treat is ready to enjoy!

How to customize an ice cream float exactly to your liking

Most Costco locations offer root beer as part of their drink selection, but not all do. However, that doesn't mean that your dream of enjoying a frosty float is out of the question. A base of cola, like Pepsi, can be a suitable replacement for root beer. Along with offering the same amber hue, it lends a similar zestiness that plays well with a dollop of decadently sweet vanilla ice cream. That said, you can also get a touch more creative.

Any number of your go-to soda flavors can shine in an ice cream float. As long as you opt for a bubbly base to ensure that the rich ice cream layer will float, there's no limit to which soft drink can be used. At a loss for where to start? Orange soda is the ideal choice for a creamsicle-esque treat, while lemon-lime soda can produce a stellar sherbet-like rendition. Otherwise, consider mixing sodas for increased depth. For example, try pairing sparkling water with iced tea for a floral-leaning float, or add a splash of lemonade to cola for a perkier zip.

Regardless of which soda(s) you select, this hack is sure to hit the right gustatory notes with its contrast of vibrant and velvety textures coupled with its sweet, yet tangy, flavors. The next time you're at Costco, you know what to do — order a soda and some ice cream, and get to work!