What Summer Cocktail You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every year, when the temperatures begin to rise and the once dull, gray skies miraculously begin to maintain their blue, our minds automatically turn to summer. Suddenly the long, cold days of winter are behind us, and now, like a bear coming out of hibernation, our will to get outside and socialize is renewed. From pool-side barbeques to long beach days, and from weekend-long music festivals to family trips to the lakefront, much of spring is easily overshadowed by our fantasies for the summer season ahead — all of which are made complete with refreshing summer cocktails.

Laying by the pool, getting out on a boat, dining on rooftops, you name it — if you can do it in the summertime, you can do it better with a summer cocktail in hand. The sunny days and warm temperatures basically beg you for something fruity and bubbly, herby and refreshing, or sweet and spicy, making your options as endless as the days are long. While we might not all get to celebrate our birthdays in the summertime, each one of us can choose to enjoy a summery cocktail that aligns with our signs. 

With the right cocktail in hand, the summer will be yours. Keep reading to find out what summer cocktail you are based on your zodiac sign, and prepare for the best summer season yet.


Known for their competitive streak, it's fitting that Aries are the first sign on the zodiac calendar because they prefer to be first everywhere else, too. However, some people believe that has more to do with the fact that — without any signs preceding them — Aries don't have anyone to inherit any knowledge or wisdom from. It also doesn't help that, just like the rams that represent them, Aries leap into things with blinders on — often without considering potential consequences. Should things not turn out how they pictured and they aren't the ones on top, you won't want to be around.

That's not to say these signs aren't lovely to be around. In fact, their determination makes them ideal in any challenging situation — you just don't want to be the one competing against them. Given that they're fire signs with a hot-headed nature, it's only right that the Aries' summer cocktail be as spicy as they are. That's why, if this zodiac sign were any summer cocktail, they'd be a spicy margarita. Not just any spicy margarita, but the ultimate spicy margarita. Made with muddled fresh chilis over a spicy mix or hot sauce (extra points if there's Tajín on the brim), the Aries' marg will have a Scoville level to match their own.


Signs next to each other on the zodiac calendar are very different,and nothing is a clearer example of that than the Taurus and the Aries. While the Aries is hot-headed and competitive, the Taurus is almost unbearably chill. These signs are happy in their routines and value the stability that they provide. Most of their free time is spent indulging in acts of self-care or relaxation, with any competitive thoughts far, far away. While it can make them frustratingly stubborn, it's also what allows these signs to show up as the calming, grounded, and level-headed friends we know them to be.

In turn, if the Taurus were any summer cocktail on the menu, they'd be one that's as indulgent and chilled as they are. That's why they'd be a Lillet spritz. This wine cocktail can be made from your choice of summery wine (although we all know that rosé is the obvious choice) and soda water or sparkling wine. What gives this drink its signature floral touch is a splash of Lillet Blanc fortified wine. Like any other fortified wine, Lillet is made with a blend of grapes to increase its alcohol content. However, it's also combined with fruit liqueurs and infused with macerated oranges and quinine.

As a result, the Lillet spritz has the added, summertime flavors of fresh flowers — giving Taurus' the botanical sip that will send their minds straight to the spa, even if they are just lying by the kiddy pool.


Geminis are controversial within the zodiac community and outside it. Represented by twins, these signs have the unfortunate reputation of having multiple personalities. Whether that's true or not is up for debate. However, having names like Kanye West and Donald Trump connected to them, these signs don't get much help garnering a friendly reputation. If others aren't willing to get to know Geminis because of this sign's reputation, that's on them — which is something that their summer cocktail can relate to.

If the Gemini were any summer cocktail, it'd be the Blue Hawaiian – a cocktail that is incomplete without a controversial ingredient known as blue curaçao. With a color inspired by the Caribbean Sea, there's truly nothing more summer-esque than a blue drink. Since the mid-'90s, blue cocktails like the Gemini's have been stigmatized because of a cultural movement among bartenders known as the Craft Cocktail Revolution. But, that's changing.

There are a lot of things to thank the Craft Cocktail Revolution for. But, classifying mixology as an art form made the work far too serious for some. That's where blue drinks like the Blue Hawaiian have come in, invoking a playful curiosity that's very much aligned with the Gemini. You don't have to like it, or them, because you'll be the one missing out on all the fun at the end of the day.


Born in June and July, Cancers are the first true summer zodiac signs — so it's only right that they'd be a summer cocktail. Still, you have to consider these sign's personalities, too. Cancers are known, primarily, for being sensitive. Like the crabs that they're represented by, they tend to put up a cold hard front. But, once you get past their shells they're big softies. Often accused of being the crybabies of the zodiac, Cancers are — at their best — empathetic, nurturing, and deeply domestic. The summer cocktail that Cancer would be is sweet, juicy, and (unlike them) hardly overbearing. That's right, they're a creamy frozen watermelon cocktail.

Made from one of summer's signature fruits — the watermelon — a creamy frozen watermelon cocktail was made to be enjoyed in the summertime. A blend of frozen watermelon, pink gin, peach schnapps, lime, and coconut milk come together to make this cocktail taste like a summer vacation in a glass. One sip, and you're instantly transported to a beachside bar or a floaty in a pool. Knowing the homebodies these signs are, the mental vacation will be all they need. However, given the emotional bandwidth Cancers require, it's understandable if these signs and their loved ones could use a real one, too. Whether at a backyard barbecue or a beach in the Bahamas, a creamy frozen watermelon cocktail will always suffice.


While Cancers might be the first summer babies of the zodiac, Leos take the summertime crown. Born from late July to August, Leo season occurs in that last bit of summer — the time when the FOMO hits and everyone realizes they need to make the most of what's left. Uncoincidentally, a Leo is just the person to do that with. While yes, they can be braggy and, yes, they might assume the world revolves around them (they are ruled by the sun, after all), Leos have big personalities and a lust for life that means they naturally make the most out of every situation. Their summer cocktail will be able to help with that, too.

If the saying, "Rosé all day" were a person, there's no doubt it'd be a Leo. But, while rosé is always the wine of the summer, there is a way to make it even more fit for the season — and that's by freezing it. That's right, if the Leo were any summertime cocktail, they'd be what's known as frosé — AKA frozen rosé. Boozy slushies like frosé are hot every summer, and the simplest recipes include blending a bottle of frozen rosé and strawberries or strawberry syrup with lemon juice and sweetener. Find it served on any rooftop, poolside bar, or beach club this summer and you'll be in for a good time — with a Leo or without, but ideally with.


Being the most productive of all the zodiacs, Virgos are the people to ask if you need something done. They love doing the little tasks that most of us despise, even if their only reward is getting to cross one more thing off of their to-do list at the end of the day. Virgos get a lot of their self-esteem from the amount of things that they're able to get done. In their minds, every small chore, assignment, or errand contributes to something bigger. It's why Virgos are inclined towards developing healthy habits, and it's also why they cannot afford a hangover — making this sign's summer cocktail a green juice drink.

Nutritionists swear by drinking fruit and vegetable juice the morning after a night out as a hangover helper. But what if you could mix green juice into the cocktails you enjoyed the night of? There's no saying whether it's guaranteed to ward off any of the hangover symptoms that slow you down the next day, but it can't hurt to try. If anything, you'll at least get all of the associated health benefits of the green juice itself, which has to count for something. Either way, pairing booze with green juice will deliver all the earthy, tart, and fruity flavors you crave in the summertime along with enough nutritional value for Virgos to feel productive.


Born from late September to October, Libra season occurs during the onset of fall — when the leaves just begin to turn and your excitement for warm flavors starts to build. But, don't worry, the Libra's summer cocktail doesn't contain any pumpkin spice. That'd just be wrong. It does, on the other hand, contain wine. If the Libra were any summer cocktail, they'd be one of the 20 wine cocktails you need to try this summer: A wine sour. That's because not only do these cocktails taste great, but they look even better.

Libras are the only zodiac sign represented by an object as opposed to a mystical creature or animal, and it's for a good reason. These signs are consumed by an internal need to achieve equilibrium in every aspect of their lives, hence the scale that portrays them. In turn, they have a special eye for symmetry that makes them talented curators — which is why this sign's summer cocktail has to look as good as it tastes. Wine sours are made by shaking lemon juice, sugar syrup, bitters, and bourbon whiskey together and pouring them over ice.

It doesn't end there; the real touch that makes a wine sour this sign's summer cocktail is the splash of red wine it gets on the top. Not only does it give the cocktail a striking layered effect, but it adds a complex flavor that perfectly complements the bourbon.


Being the notorious night owls that they are, Scorpios are much more associated with dark, moonlit evenings than sunny, summer days. But, that doesn't mean they can't appreciate it — especially if there are cocktails involved. Scorpios are some of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, and most of that can be attributed to the fact that they prefer to remain mysterious. It's what gives these scorpions the power to sting unexpectedly. In so, you may never fully know them for who they are.

It sounds lonely, but Scorpios are like smokey mirrors — they only let you know what they want you to know, so you can see them the way that they want to be seen. The summer cocktail they'd be has a smokey element as well, with the help of mezcal and a bit of orange wine. That's right, if these signs were any summer cocktail, they'd be an orange wine mezcal. Featured in our round-up of 20 summer wine cocktails, orange wine mezcals are served over ice and garnished with a squeeze of lime — making them an ideal drink for a hot summer night (and perfect for these signs).


There's truly no other sign like the Sagittarius. These signs are known for their relentless optimism and fearlessness in the face of change. Much of that can be credited to their "go big or go home" attitudes, as much of their goals tend to supersede what most people deem possible. But, like the archers that represent them, they aren't intimidated by societal limitations — nor do they respond well to rules or restrictions. In their minds, anything is possible. Even if it doesn't turn out how they might've expected, at least they'll learn something from it.

Having said that, the summer cocktail that the Sagittarius would be is one with a similar story — one that embraces change, uses mistakes to its advantage, and doesn't succumb to anyone's expectation. That's why they'd be the negroni sbagliato. Considering this cocktail's counterculture roots, there's really no summer cocktail better fit for this sign. If you didn't know, the negroni sbagliato was actually made by mistake. Now it's one of the most popular cocktails out there, and it wouldn't have happened without some optimism. 

Any classic negroni sbagliato recipe includes three things: Sparkling wine (preferably prosecco), Campari, and sweet red vermouth. Garnished with a slice of orange, this bubbly cocktail is made for the summertime — even if it wasn't intentional.


Goal-driven, responsible, confident, and resilient, it's no wonder why Capricorns are known as the "workaholics" of the zodiac. But, these signs do have a fun side. While everyone may not get to see it, Capricorns can be the life of the party, too. They're also said to have the magical ability to age in reverse. It's almost as if, the harder they work and the more they achieve, the more these signs are able to let go and enjoy themselves — which is good, seeing as Capricorns seem to have an appreciation for the finer things in life.

No sign works harder than the Capricorn, nor does any other zodiac value the comfortable lifestyle that hard work provides. The type of summer cocktail they'd be, in turn, is one they'll be drinking plenty of when they retire in Italy — or treat themselves to that dream trip to the Amalfi Coast this summer. If you didn't guess already, the summer cocktail that a Capricorn would be is none other than a crema de limoncello. Boozy, sweet, and bursting with fresh lemon flavor, this cocktail gives limoncello a creamier upgrade that Capricorns can enjoy right now.


There's nothing the Aquarius values more than their individuality. In fact, they prefer to be the black sheep. Whether it's through an opinion they give, their funky sense of fashion, an asymmetrical haircut, or their taste in art — the Aquarius isn't afraid to be an outcast. These signs don't follow trends, they make them. By the time it's hit the mainstream, they've already grown tired of it. That's why, if this sign were any summer cocktail on the menu, they'd be the trendiest of all. You guessed it: The Aperol spritz.

Aperol spritz has had quite the moment in recent years. Much of that can be attributed to bold marketing by Campari – the iconic red Italian bitter that gives this cocktail its photogenic orange hue. But, there's no doubt that the Aquarius were enjoying Aperol spritzes well before the Instagram influencers got a taste for them. These days, they'd probably rather be sipping on one of the 13 alternatives for an Aperol spritz than the real thing, just to save face.


Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces are commonly referred to as the fish of the zodiac. While much of their personality is dependent on who they're around, much of what makes these signs distinguishable from others is their wide imaginations. These signs have entire worlds inside of their heads, and they often struggle to stay present in reality — hence the image of the two fish. Interestingly enough, however, these signs gain solitude when they're able to submerge themselves in something. Something like the ocean.

Ruled by Neptune, the god of the sea, Pisces often have a deep affinity for all things oceanic. The closer they are to it, the better. Uncoincidentally, this sign's summer cocktail brings it to them — no matter where they are. Jennine Rye's sea breeze cocktail recipe contains just four ingredients: Vodka, lime, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. It's a fruity and refreshing cocktail for any time of the year, but it's the perfect drink for the summer — and these signs. Ideally, they'd enjoy it on the beach, but it'll be just as delicious at home, too.