Waffles Are The Base For The Ultimate Breakfast Nachos

Your typical breakfast or brunch spread for a Sunday morning, holiday meal, or lavish event might be lined with quiches, pastries like muffins, casseroles, or maybe even a pancake bar. Those are all delicious breakfast items that take varying levels of effort to prepare, but breakfast nachos are a unique addition to impress your family or guests. But don't use boring traditional tortilla chips, because waffles are the ideal base for both sweet and savory breakfast nachos.

Waffles function as the base of breakfast nachos, because the dense texture means the bread can hold up to all the toppings piled upon them. The golden-brown waffles work with sweet toppings like fruit and savory ingredients such as bacon and crumbled sausage, especially if you make plain buttermilk Belgian waffles. To save time, use the box of frozen waffles in the freezer or consider our ranking of the best frozen waffle brands. Fresh or frozen, cut the waffles into triangles and place them on a baking sheet to use as the base for the toppings, or set them aside and let everyone make their version of breakfast nachos.

Make it sweet or savory

We've got some ideas for your savory take on breakfast nachos. Of course, breakfast classics like bacon, sausage, hash browns, and either scrambled or fried eggs will taste delicious piled on top of chopped waffles. To give the dish a Tex-Mex twist add jalapeños, chilis, chorizo, avocado, and perhaps some cilantro as a garnish, paired with classic frozen margaritas for a brunch party. Draw inspiration from classic chicken and waffles and use popcorn chicken and syrup with some of the other ingredients. And don't forget about cheese, so add shredded cheddar for sharpness and Monterey jack or pepper jack for a final touch of heat. Finish the savory breakfast nachos with maple syrup for a touch of sweetness, sour cream for tang, or chipotle mayo for deeper flavors.

There are also plenty of ways to put a sweet touch on breakfast nachos. Perhaps an obvious choice is to use fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and even kiwi paired with blueberry waffles. For an even sweeter twist, use chocolate chip waffles topped with chocolate chips, whipped cream, spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, and maybe some of those fruits to temper the richness. Add bacon along with fruit or chocolate for a fusion of salty and sweet flavors. Just don't forget the maple syrup and consider a dusting of powdered sugar.

And if you have leftover waffles, here are more creative uses for frozen waffles that work with fresh leftovers too.