Your Banana Bread Is Begging To Be Transformed Into French Toast

If you love to have something sweet in the morning, then you're probably a fan of French toast. While delicious in its traditional form, French toast can also be upgraded by getting creative with the bread — such as by dunking cinnamon rolls in French toast batter or making French toast with babka in place of sliced bread. Another bread swap you need to try? Using banana bread.

Banana bread is also a sweet morning meal option, so why not combine the two? Plus, we know that French toast tastes delicious when paired with fresh fruit. By using banana bread, the fruitiness will be cooked right into the dish itself. It's essentially the French toast version of banana pancakes, which you can never go wrong with. The process is simple. Start by baking your favorite homemade banana bread recipe and then let it cool completely. 

You may want to bake the loaf the night before, so the morning is not too busy. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made banana bread, but it likely won't taste as fresh and delicious. You can slice the bread as thick as you'd like, but a thicker cut — about ¾ of an inch — is usually preferred because it can soak up the custard mix better, making for a richer-tasting final product. Next, grab your favorite French toast recipe and follow the instructions as normal using the banana bread instead.

Get creative with banana bread flavors for even better French toast

You can further upgrade this fusion dish by baking different banana bread flavors. To start with, you'll want to use a simple banana bread recipe — one without any extra fuss — but once you know you love the combination, then feel free to get creative. For example, for an even sweeter breakfast treat, use chocolate chip banana bread as your French toast base. In fact, no one will stop you if you add in even more chocolate chips than the recipe calls for. 

Similarly, you can replace the chocolate chips with butterscotch chips or caramel morsels for a different sweet integration. And for a heartier banana bread French toast, you can start off the process by making buckwheat banana bread. Or, for a unique spin, make French toast out of fluffy sweet potato banana bread. There's plenty of sweetness from the sweet potato, but also a savory aspect from the chopped pecans, making for a morning breakfast that has plenty of flavor balance.

Finally, to serve, you can never go wrong with the simplest route. No matter what flavor of banana bread you use, drizzle it with maple syrup. To take the maple syrup to the next level, you can add whipped cream and fresh banana slices — the combination will be utterly tasty.