Make French Toast With Babka For An Upgraded Brunch

French toast is one of those dishes that can transform a mundane midweek breakfast into what feels like a special occasion. Using babka to make French toast can bring an even more festive touch to the recipe, as the spongy, buttery, cinnamon-flavored bread lends itself naturally to warm plates that have been lined with warm maple syrup.  

Though the yeasty bread can be dense, these subtly flavored loaves are ideal platforms for the French toast creations of your choosing. Whether you use babka that has been twisted with chocolate, cinnamon, or pumpkin pie spice, the fluffy slices will soak up the egg mixture you have prepared.

After being cooked and toasted to golden perfection, these French toast pieces will have your kitchen smelling otherworldly long before the first bite reaches your lips. Your next task is to simply dress each plate with berry compote or sprinkles of honey-coated walnuts, and your day is guaranteed to get that much sweeter.

Turn up the flavor dial on a decadent dish

The next time you see babka loaves sold in the store, pick up an extra loaf or set out to make your own so that tomorrow you are well-equipped to cook up this delightful twist on classic French toast. To reduce morning prep time, consider soaking bread pieces overnight so you can quickly turn on the oven, sip your coffee, and bake the custard-filled pieces as your household begins to wake. 

Similar to traditional servings of French toast, these cooked pieces of babka can be dressed up with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or be served in a more minimalistic style with a simple dusting of powdered sugar. After serving babka French toast, you may begin to re-rank your favorite ways of making the decadent breakfast and brunch crowd-pleaser. This eggy meal will become an instant hit at the dining room table, regardless of the time of day it is presented.