The Unique Snack Combination That Adam Richman Loves (And The One He Hates) - Exclusive

We all have our favorite foods. Sometimes it's one specific item, and other times it's a combination of ingredients that become this amazing bite we never knew we needed. Adam Richman, the host of History Channel's "The Food that Built America," tastes food all over the world, and like most of us, some items he falls in love with while others, he wished he'd never tasted. He's so inspired to try new dishes, in fact, he's started a recent trend on his Instagram account asking fans to send in their craziest combinations for him to sample. He's gotten quite a few interesting suggestions from baked potatoes smothered with tuna salad and cheddar cheese to cinnamon rolls dipped in chili (both of which he hated). 

So, when Tasting Table met him at the Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival we just had to know, out of all these crazy combinations, did he have a favorite, or were they all awful? While there seem to be quite a few combinations of which he's not a fan, there have been a few he's really liked. As he previously shared on Instagram, he was surprised by the richness of England's classic black pudding and felt Flamin' Hot Cheetos paired perfectly with cream cheese. But the weirdest combination that surprised him, as he shared with Tasting Table, was Doritos paired with bananas and American cheese. Meanwhile, a sandwich of pickles, mayonnaise, and peanut butter never made it past the first bite. 

Doritos, bananas, and American cheese make a delectable snack

Available in several flavors from the classic nacho cheese to Cool Ranch, there's even a Doritos flavor inspired by Mountain Dew's Baja Blast. No matter which Doritos flavor you choose, there's one thing we can all agree on: They make a yummy snack. While the chip is perfect all on its own, it's also quite tasty when used as the base for nachos. But the one thing neither we nor Richman ever considered was covering that chip with bananas and American Cheese. 

Richman says the idea was presented to him by Tim Chantarangsu, formerly known as Timothy DeLaGhetto, of the sketch comedy show "Wild 'N Out." The comedian suggested topping each chip with American cheese and sliced bananas. Now, we're all for sweet and savory, but we weren't sure about this combination when Richman mentioned it, and he says neither was he. But since the chef loves trying new things, he went all in and made the snack. Then he took a bite and admitted it was "surprisingly wonderful."

Peanut butter may go with jelly, but should never be paired with mayonnaise and pickles

There's nothing better than a warm piece of toast slathered with rich, chunky peanut butter, especially if it's a high-end peanut butter. But when a plain peanut butter sandwich just won't do, we're more than happy to add jelly, honey, bananas, or even marshmallow fluff for a sweet treat. After all, one of our favorite flavor combinations is sweet and savory, something each one of these options has in spades. 

The one thing we'd never considered adding to a peanut butter sandwich was mayonnaise. Or pickles for that matter. And neither had Richman before it was suggested to him. But since he's more than willing to try any food combination, no matter how insane, he accepted the challenge. Unfortunately, after just one bite, Richman tells us he wished he hadn't. "The Geneva Convention needs to rejudge that," he tells us with a laugh. While there may be those who find the combination of pickles and peanut butter delightful, we're with Richman. This is one sandwich we're more than happy to skip.