The Best Store-Bought Chips For Ultra Cheesy Texas Nachos

It's been said that everything is bigger in Texas, but not so much for their nachos. It turns out that Texas has its signature style of the Mexican-inspired finger food, and it is nothing like the gnarled pile of condiments thrown on top of tortilla chips that many are accustomed to. They are actually elegant if nachos can be described as such. The ingredients are minimal, so you'll want to use good ones since you should be able to taste all of them — and this all starts with the tortilla chips.

The hardcore Texas nacho fan will fry their corn chips, but it's unnecessary since some excellent tortilla chips are on the market. But you may be surprised to hear that using Doritos might put all other versions of Texas nachos to shame. Nacho Cheese Doritos come pre-seasoned with a blend of cheese and spices that make the chips one of the most beloved snacks in the country, and when you put more cheese on top and bake them in the oven, you'll experience a flavor that may make these nachos the only ones you'll ever eat again.

Doritos provide built-in flavor for nachos

Traditionally, Texas nachos are made by spreading out tortilla chips and individually topping each chip with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and a single slice of jalapeño. They are heated in the oven until the cheese melts and then served — that's it. By replacing plain tortilla chips with Doritos, you are amping up the cheese factor while still keeping it simple. Any accompanying condiments like sour cream or guacamole are usually served on the side.

Preparing nachos this way ensures that every chip tastes the same, with each one having an equal amount of toppings. There is no cold, rubbery cheese to worry about, large dollops of guac to maneuver through, or rivers of salsa turning your chips soggy. Texas nachos are more so about the preparation than about the toppings. 

It's totally acceptable to put a small amount of refried beans on each chip or any other toppings you love, so long as each chip is treated equally and carefully. It's also important to not overwhelm the chip with toppings; you should be able to bite it without unhinging your jaw. Besides, who'd want to cover up the flavor of Doritos anyway?