Stroopwafels Are The Cookie Upgrade You Need For Ice Cream Sandwiches

A bite of a homemade ice cream sandwich usually includes a crunchy chocolate chip cookie or a soft chocolate cookie, just like the store-bought varieties many of us grew up on. Both versions are good, whether you simply crave a sweet treat or need to cool down on a warm day, but let's be honest, sometimes they're pretty dry and boring. The Dutch waffle cookie known as a stroopwafel is an easy and indulgent upgrade to the classic handheld dessert, and we strongly suggest you try this swap.

When it comes to tips for making the best ice cream sandwiches, the use of stroopwafels on both sides offers an upgrade in taste, texture, and aesthetics that will please the kids as well as the adults at your next party. The Dutch cookies are sweet and chewy with caramel between two thin layers — it's an ideal swap if you prefer a softer cookie over a crunchy one. The taste of a stroopwafel is similar to a sugar cone, so the flavor will be relatively familiar even if you haven't traveled to the Netherlands. Stroopwafels look their namesake waffles, offering a nostalgic flare and a deep caramel flavor that's beloved by the Dutch — and now you too. Find a recipe online to make homemade stroopwafels, or try our simple tip to skirt the stress with a faux version that is just as tasty. You can also check out a grocery store with a selection of European items or order them online.

Indulge in the caramel goodness of stroopwafels with ice cream to match

When it comes to stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, any ice cream works, but certain varieties make for an exceptionally delicious pairing. Keep it simple with vanilla or French vanilla ice cream and let the stroopwafels provide most of the flavor. Or lean into the caramel in the cookies with an ice cream that has an essence of the ingredient like salted caramel, dulce de leche, or butter pecan. If you're someone who really likes to go all the way with their desserts, try a more decadent flavor like chocolate, mint chocolate chip, or even peanut butter ice cream. And if you've got some time on your hands, check out our homemade ice cream recipes to scoop between the stroopwafel cookies.

There's no reason to stick with only the basics, so consider a few other toppings to complete the dessert. The most obvious choice is to add caramel drizzle between layers of ice cream, or around the edge of the sandwich to help other ingredients cling onto it. Use chocolate or caramel chips, sprinkles, chopped nuts, or crushed stroopwafels, and roll the sandwich until the edges are covered to give your homemade stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches a finishing touch.