Give Avocado Rolls A Smoky Boost By Charring The Main Ingredient

Homemade sushi hand rolls should be the newest addition to your weekly lunches. These charred avocado hand rolls from Tasting Table recipe developer Taylor Murray make the process of enjoying homemade sushi a breeze. She adds a smoky flavor element to the mix by charring the avocado. Cooked avocado might sound off-putting to some people, but don't knock this flavor hack 'til you try it. Charring is a great way to infuse more flavor into relatively simple ingredients. The creamy avocado is a great candidate for charring because the soft texture and slightly sweet flavor contrast against the bitter smokiness from the flame.

"Charring the sushi and then marinating it in a flavorful sauce adds a bunch of flavor to the avocado and gives the roll a bit more depth," Murray explains.

Murray chars the avocado using a handheld blowtorch designed for food. If you have access to this tool, you should use it. A culinary blow torch gives you the most precision over how cooked your avocados are. Culinary torches have several uses beyond just charring food so it's a product worth investing in. Of course, if you don't have access to one there are still plenty of ways to get that flavor. Murray also recommends using a grill or a grill pan. If you're using a grill you'll need to move fast to avoid burning your avocado slices. You could char half an avocado at a time and slice it after for easier cooking.

Other ways to use charred avocado

Charred avocado can be a game-changer for dishes outside of this hand roll. You could experiment using this in other sushi rolls like a California roll, or an ahi tuna poke bowl. Both recipes have a milder flavor, perfect for the added depth the charred avocado brings. Or you can use the charred avocado as a base for making a custom hand roll. Other ingredients that would work with this include cucumber, tuna, salmon, green onions, and sushi rice. All these ingredients have a lighter, fresher flavor to play off the creamy smokiness of the avocado.

Charred avocado can also be a great burger topping. The charred flavor of the burger and the avocado go well together and make a cohesive flavor experience. You can use this hack to bring a smoky flavor to your salads or guacamole. Don't be afraid to try this ingredient on a variety of dishes. You might find a new favorite flavor combination.