The Best Way To Cook Your Eggs For A Savory Breakfast Quesadilla

The best breakfast sandwich has to be a quesadilla. Stuffed with anything from satisfying pinto beans and melty cheese to bacon and sausage, the basic ingredients of this scrumptious Mexican sammie are easy to gussy up with extras, like herbs and spices — but the eggs are non-negotiable. Word of advice? The best way to cook your huevos for your next savory breakfast quesadilla is to fry them omelet-style before placing your tortilla directly on top so it sticks to the surface. This technique is fast and convenient, and doesn't sacrifice on flavor.

The classic way to prep a quesadilla for breakfast is to assemble the fillings separately before sandwiching them between two tortillas that have been warmed in a skillet. However, this method takes time and often means you'll have two pans going at the same time, which, alas, equates to more washing up. Even with a modern method, such as making quesadillas in an air fryer, you'll still need to prep the fillings in stages before piling them onto your tortilla. 

Assembling the entire quesadilla in one pan eliminates this problem. Plus, it means your eggs will be cooked to perfection. Instead of them getting rubbery and cold while you assemble the other elements, this trick guarantees that your huevos will be fluffy, tender, and hot. Moreover, as this method uses one tortilla instead of two, you'll be halving the total carbs, which is a perk if you prefer lower-carb breakfasts or simply want to enjoy a lighter meal.

Scatter your favorite fillings over the egg

Start by whisking your eggs together with seasonings like salt, pepper, chili flakes, or dried herbs (even hot sauce works!). Then, grease your hot skillet and pour your eggy mixture into the pan. Allow the egg to cook until the base is set but the top surface is still underdone and liquidy. Then place your tortilla on top of the omelet so it sticks to the egg before flipping the entire thing over. This move will allow the base of your tortilla to warm through, lending it some softness and flexibility. Add any chopped veggies, such as fresh spinach or thinly sliced scallions, to the egg. Cooked black beans also make an awesome addition to a breakfast quesadilla because they're full of protein, making them highly satisfying. 

If you prefer harder vegetables in your quesadilla, sauté them right at the start before adding your egg to the pan. This will give them extra time to soften, ensuring that every element of your breakfast is served at its absolute best. For a delectable cheese pull, scatter some cheddar over your omelet before finally folding the tortilla onto itself, like a calzone, to encase all the fillings.