How To Make Great Quesadillas

How to make the five-minute snack taste its oozy, cheesy best

Quesadillas are the ultimate snack—and one of our favorite ways to use leftovers. Here are three tips to make them awesome:

Flour has power. Flour tortillas are dependable and pliable enough to hold in all those delicious fillings. For quesadillas, we'd pick them over corn any day.

Don't go overboard with the fillings. We prefer the half-moon method (placing the fillings and cheese on one half of one tortilla, then folding the top over), because it's easier to slice into wedges. Build the quesadilla with only a couple tablespoons of filling, like avocado, roasted chicken, black beans or even last night's dinner. Layer with enough, but not too much, shredded cheese to hold it all together.

Keep an eye on it. Fire up your skillet to medium heat and lightly coat it with oil. Add the quesadilla and cook to crisp up the bottom and give it a little char. Flip with a spatula the second the cheese starts to ooze and cook another couple minutes—and you're done.

Then all you need are a few drops of hot sauce, and snack time can commence.

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