The Easy, 2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet You'll Be Eating All Summer

When the warmer days hit, there's nothing quite like a sweet, cold treat to beat the heat. Thankfully, the path to delicious summer refreshment is short. With only two ingredients, you have all you need to make the pick-me-up dish that will soften the scorching rays of the midday sun.

Take your pick: Blend frozen cubes of watermelon with yogurt or frozen watermelon and sweetened condensed milk in your food processor. If your sweet tooth is strong and demanding, you can add your choice of sweetener to turn up the saccharine volume. You can also punch up your creation with a sprinkle of chili powder and a squeeze of lime. Splashes of booze can be included to steer the creation into a more mature, cocktail-inspired direction. Once your easy sherbet is made, you'll have a convenient treat to spoon into when cravings strike. Your fruit sherbet will keep for two weeks, if you don't eat it before then.

A quick trip to sweet goodness

Upon removing your frozen container of happiness from the freezer, you may be met with something that resembles a granita (and not sherbet). Should that be the case, let your icy watermelon creation thaw gently in the fridge before serving. Your homemade fruit sherbet should be soft and easy to scoop with a spoon.

Once you've mastered the basic two-ingredient recipe and have built confidence in your watermelon sherbet-making abilities, extend the formula to other fruit variations. Add frozen mango to your next creamy creation or drop frozen pieces of kiwi into the blend. Toss in a pinch or two of salt to taste and freeze your fruity mixture until the blend becomes solid. Serve with fresh pieces of juicy fruit, an added drizzle of agave syrup, or garnish with mint leaves from the garden. Your pretty presentations will look as good as they taste, and you can enjoy the fruits of your efficient treat-making efforts.