The Ingredient Swap For A Sweeter Spin On Your Next Potato Salad

To make potato salad, you might typically use waxy spuds like fingerlings or a starchier variety like Idahos or russets. All of those types of potatoes work for different variations of the salad, but to put a sweet spin on your next batch, consider sweet potatoes. That's right, the bright-orange root vegetable that you likely reserve for the holidays can be used for a sweeter, and potentially more nutritious, potato salad to serve alongside your burgers or grilled chicken at a dinner party or cookout.

There are many mistakes that nearly everyone has made with potato salad, but using sweet potatoes isn't one of them. Sweet potatoes have a nutty and sweet flavor that will pass onto the dish that white potatoes just can't achieve. And don't worry about the rest of the recipe — sweet potatoes pair nicely with the other go-to ingredients like mayonnaise, mustard, and vegetables like celery. Another benefit to swapping spuds with sweet potatoes is that they're nutritious and packed with nutrients like vitamin A and antioxidants. Depending on which kind of sweet potato you choose, the texture might be softer than other varieties, so expect a potentially creamier version of the dish. You can even combine sweet and white potatoes in the dish for contrasting tastes and textures.

Make your sweet potato salad spicy with hot sauce or peppers

Use whatever ingredients you like in a traditional batch of potato salad, but know that there's a case to be made for incorporating elements that will contrast with the sweetness of the alternative spuds. To make a spicy-and-sweet (swicy) rendition of the dish, pair sweet potatoes with mayo combined with dashes of hot sauce or chilis in adobo sauce to step up the heat. Or use mix-ins like jalapeños and sliced cherry peppers, and seasonings like crushed red pepper, paprika, or cayenne pepper. Consider the crunch factor too, especially if you boil the sweet potatoes and they turn out soft. Lots of celery is a good option, or switch it up further with bell peppers and diced cornichons. Meanwhile, avocado is an ideal ingredient to lean into the creaminess.

If you prefer to follow an exact recipe, try Tasting Table's grilled sweet potato salad recipe; it uses lime juice and zest for an acidic touch to contrast with the sweet tubers. The grilled sweet potatoes also offer a firmer texture and nice char on the outside. For a more traditional take, swap in sweet potatoes in our creamy dill potato salad or classic Southern potato salad recipes. And spice any of them up to your preferred tastes!