The Absolute Best Way To Store Soft Cheese

With the many benefits that soft cheeses have to offer, it's hard not to keep at least one of them stored in your kitchen at all times. Possessing a rich, indulgent flavor and creamy, smooth texture, this type of cheese can be as easily spread across bread — like in this bacon, pear, and brie flatbread — as it can be stirred into eggs — like in this colorful carrot and goat cheese frittata. As such, it makes for an extremely versatile ingredient to have on hand. All of these perks go out the window, though, if you pull out your cheese to find that it has unexpectedly expired. Read on to learn the proper way to preserve your cheese to keep it at peak freshness and for how long you can expect it to last.

While no cheese can be stored at room temperature full-time, soft cheese is particularly perishable. You should leave soft cheese out for no longer than two hours before putting it into the refrigerator. When it comes time to do so, wrap each wedge of cheese first in wax paper, and then cover it in foil and transfer it to the fridge. When wrapped this way, the cheese can last for up to two weeks past its printed sell-by or best-by date.

How to tell if soft cheese has gone bad

Even when taking proper steps to store soft cheese correctly, it is still prone to eventual expiration. Because of this, it is important to keep a sharp eye out for signs of spoilage in order to avoid accidentally consuming harmful pathogens that could make you sick. Look for visual evidence such as a sudden change in texture or new mold growth, as well as a bitter taste or an unexpected sour, or otherwise unpleasant, odor. If any of these traits are present, you can assume that the cheese has gone bad and should throw it away rather than try to eat it.

If you find yourself wishing you could make your cheese last longer, you can do so easily by storing it in the freezer. Simply wrap it as you would to store it in the fridge, then place it into a sealed, airtight bag before moving it into the freezer. When frozen, soft cheese will last for up to two months before declining in quality. It is worth noting, however, that choosing this method of storing your cheese may result in its texture changing somewhat, so it is best to only freeze cheese that you plan on cooking with rather than eating alone.