The Classic Tequila Cocktail That's Perfect With Fish Tacos, According To An Expert

Whether you're about to host taco night at your place or you just made a reservation at your favorite Mexican eatery, it's time to consider which tequila cocktail is best to wash down a plate of fish tacos — if that's your go-to order. Maybe you like a bottle of Corona or a homemade michelada to sip alongside your beer-battered fish tacos, but the most ideal boozy drink is far more classic. According to Molly Horn, manager of cocktail strategy and spirits education at Total Wine & More, a margarita is the tequila cocktail to pair with your seafood dish.

"It might sound trite, but a margarita is really excellent with fish tacos as the bright citrus and herbal notes complement the kick of spice and cut through the fried saltiness of the fish," Horn explains. Even if you don't serve (or order) fried fish tacos, and opt for grilled seafood tacos instead, we think the margarita's citrusy and herby flavors described by Horn still make for an ideal pairing. The cocktail is an even better choice if you like spicy fish tacos, because the sweet and fruity flavors will temper the heat levels of the meal, especially with flavored versions.

Tequilas and tacos to pair with margaritas

If you prefer a simpler drink, Horn has a secondary suggestion that still uses tequila. "A highland blanco tequila with lots of citrus and tropical flavor notes also pairs nicely," she explains. "Add a twist of lime and drink it on the rocks as a nice pairing." And if you prefer Horn's first suggestion of drinking a margarita with fish tacos, we at Tasting Table ranked the best tequilas for margaritas. Some of the top brands on the list are Casamigos Tequila Blanco and Espolòn Tequila Blanco, so you've got both affordable and top-shelf options.

You might want a little help deciding which tacos you should serve with a classic frozen margarita cocktail. For fried tacos that don't require a batter, consider our fried salmon tacos recipe complete with avocado, tomatoes, and cilantro. If you prefer a lean white fish variety, try our tropical mahi mahi tacos with coleslaw and avocado crema. And if you want even more citrus flavors, cook up our citrusy fish tacos with grapefruit salsa with cod filets to pair with your margarita.