Andrew Zimmern's Gold Standard For Fast Food Burgers - Exclusive

If you've been keeping tabs on Andrew Zimmern, you may have noticed he's been treading new ground with his to-go orders. Many fans associate the "Bizarre Foods" host with unique bites like coconut tree grubs and coral worms, but he's exploring something entirely unexpected nowadays: American fast food. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Zimmern explained that his fans have inspired him to take a closer look at chain restaurant cuisine. "We've had such success [trying fast food online,] and it's been accidental," he said. "I'm in an airport [saying,] 'Well, I've never tried that before. I should record this and put it on my social media.'"

It may surprise you that the same chef who introduced us to the likes of fermented skate is something of a newbie when it comes to fast food. Nevertheless, he's established some firm opinions. "Well, I love food — and I'm not a food snob — but I was kind of surprised at how great the Frosty was. I thought the burger was like, eh," he admitted. Rather than a Wendy's burger, Zimmern confirmed he prefers the offerings of Culver's.

"I'm in love with Culver's," Zimmern shared. "My friends have told me, 'You love Culver's so much, you will not like other fast food places,' because Culver's cooks everything to order."

Culver's takes the cake for best fast food, says Andrew Zimmern

If you're from the Northeast United States, you may not be familiar with Culver's. The Wisconsin-based fast food eatery is a fixture just about everywhere else in America, though the official Culver's website hints its chains could head up north someday. And hopefully, this happens sooner than later — because according to Zimmern, there's no better place to stop for fast food. As the celebrity chef can attest, you can clearly taste the difference between standard fast food fare and Culver's butterburgers, made from fresh beef and served on a buttered, toasted bun. 

Of course, you can't go wrong with other items on the menu at Culver's, either. Take the CurderBurger, for instance. This cheese-filled burger is unlike anything you'll find on other menus — it's a limited-edition special worth taking a road trip for. Culver's sides include everything from fried cheese curds to onion rings and chili, though there are lighter options like steamed broccoli and side salads to choose from. For those in need of even more Wisconsin dairy in their meal, there's always the chain's fresh frozen custard, prepared in-house and available in sundaes, shakes, and root beer floats.