Fried Cheese Curd Fans Won't Want To Miss Culver's Touring Food Truck

Anyone familiar with Wisconsin likely knows that the state is famous for cheese. After all, fans of their football team, the Green Bay Packers, wear giant cheese hats, and — more significantly — as of 2019 the state was responsible for 26% of all cheese produced in the United States, according to Midwest Farm Report, the most out of any state. With so much cheese produced in Wisconsin, you might think it would be hard to single out one variety, but for many the mighty cheese curd takes the regional claim to fame (via Whoo New).

Being another Wisconsin original, fast food chain Culver's of course knows this, and this summer Thrillist shares it's taking the famous fried side on the road (along with its frozen custard) to help spread the gospel of squeaky cheese.

Culver's food truck will be touring the U.S. all summer

There may be no better place to check out these fried cheesy bites than Wisconsin-based Culver's (the chain even created a National Cheese Curd Day in honor of the food). With locations across 25 states, per Culver's, the chain is road-tripping to make acquiring the salty snack — plus its signature frozen custard — even easier (via Thrillist).

Culver's food truck made its first appearance serving the savory curds and creamy custard on May 11 in Indianapolis and will continue with 15 more stops through August 24, finishing up in Denver, Colorado. If you're craving some curds and your locale isn't on the list, Culver's From Wisconsin with Love tour page has a place for you to nominate your city. Unfortunately, the sweepstakes is not open to all U.S. residents, so be sure to check the official rules before getting your hopes up.

In addition to the expected snacks, Culver's is promising exclusive merch and a unique, family-friendly experience at each stop along the route.