The Best Way To Store Gin And How Long You Can Expect It To Last

Gin is a classic spirit to keep stored in your home. Whether you are looking to make a timeless, traditional cocktail or a refreshing, innovative drink, the herbaceous and floral flavors of this liquor have an almost endless number of uses. However, gin can only pack its signature punch if it is at peak freshness, and in order to maintain that freshness, it must be stored correctly.

Gin is one of many spirits that falls into a category known as distilled liquors, which have a high alcohol content and low sugar content. Because of their makeup, distilled liquors can be stored for a long time. Unopened bottles of gin can last indefinitely, and opened bottles can last for up to two years. These estimates only apply, however, if the spirit is stored correctly. It is important to keep gin away from factors like excessive heat, light, and air. As such, you should keep gin in a sealed bottle in a cool, dry, dark space.

How to know if gin has gone bad

Due to its high alcohol content, gin is extremely unlikely to reach a state of spoilage where it will be unsafe to drink. It is far more probable that, as the gin ages and oxidizes, it will begin to lose its characteristic flavor and mouthfeel; in short, it simply won't be as enjoyable to drink. There still is a small chance that gin can truly spoil if it becomes contaminated by an outside source, though, so if you notice that your gin tastes or smells off, or if it takes on an unusual color, it is best to toss it rather than consume it to avoid getting sick.

The best way to prevent gin from going to waste, of course, is simply to drink it before it starts to decline in quality. If you need ideas for how to use your gin, you can use our ranking of gin cocktails as a guide. For example, purists may prefer to go through their supply by making a classic gin and tonic, but you can also knock it back in the form of a sweet and simple bramble cocktail or an eye-catching aviation cocktail.