The Nespresso Pod You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What's the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? For most, it's coffee — or a coffee pod. Since Nespresso essentially revolutionized the coffee world, enabling everyone to make a barista-worthy cup in seconds with its machines, pods have become unilateral to other at-home preparations. The sheer variety of bean origins, roasts, and flavors gives users the ability to tailor their coffee experience to their liking or experiment with something new without wasting an entire pot.

Now, what's the second thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Once we get our coffee, a lot of us are immediately rushing out of the door or getting kids ready for school. But there are a lucky few who get to sit down and enjoy some quiet time, whether that's to catch up on any incoming news, journaling, or reading their horoscopes for the day. Seeing as you reading this means that you're likely one of them, this begs the question — have you ever considered the Nespresso pod you'd be, based on your zodiac sign? Knowing it, you could sip on your sign's pod while you read your horoscope. That's got to have some karmic power.


First and foremost, Aries starts off the zodiac calendar — which is just the way that they like it. Aside from being fiery and hot-headed, Aries are notorious for their competitive streak. Fortunately, their passion, motivation, and confidence get them there more often than not. These signs will be happy to know that, of all the coffee capsules on the market today, Nespresso remains the most popular. To avoid any tantrums, these signs would need to be the most popular of the most popular, making them the Nespresso Arpeggio capsules.

While it might be the most popular Nespresso pod, that doesn't necessarily translate to how it tastes. Tasting Table ranked these Nespresso pods 13th in its ranking of 13 Nespresso pods from worst to best, which would make them the worst — or worse, last. Just like these fire signs, Tasting Table reported that the Arpeggio capsules have an acidic bite that follows every sip. Like the Aries, the flavor that comes across in these coffee pods is especially bold, only it's not necessarily in a good way. That just gives these rams something to learn, and that is being first doesn't always translate to being the best.


No matter how caffeinated they are, Tauruses are impressively chill. But, what some might view as stability, others can see as stubbornness. The Taurus simply prefers to stay in their own lane. Any free time they do have will likely be attributed to some form of self-care. It can be frustrating, especially if you're hoping to get them to try something new. However, what the rest of us need to understand is this sign's stubbornness directly correlates with all of the attributes that make them the dependable, rational friends we know them to be.

All that being said, the Taurus needs to be a Nespresso pod that they can depend on day in and day out — one that will consistently provide their morning routines with a sense of serenity, so they can smoothly transition into their daytime ones. At the same time, their Nespresso capsule has to deliver the coffee flavor notes that make drinking it feel like a self-care ritual in and of itself. That's why, if the Taurus were any Nespresso pod, they'd be the Vaniglia ones. The classic vanilla flavor in these pods brings an element of tranquility while elevating the natural cereal and sweet biscuit flavors expressed in the coffee — making that first sip they take in the morning even better than it usually is.


There's a lot you can say about Geminis. Considered the communicators of the zodiac, they're all about gathering information and sharing it with the world — one might call that gossiping, but they just see it as staying in the know. They're also smart, fast-moving, and youthful. But, these signs' reputations proceed them; not necessarily in a good way. Represented by twins, Geminis are stereotyped as being two-faced. Whether that's true or not is up for debate, but it goes without being said that, if the Gemini were any Nespresso pod, it wouldn't be one from the single-origin collection.

Now, that might sound like a diss — but it's not. Single-origin coffee isn't always what it's hyped up to be. In fact, in Tasting Table's ranking, Nespresso's single-origin Nicaragua pod came out second to last. While it's true that single-origin beans highlight the terroir of the land, blending beans from different origins has its own advantages, particularly when you're looking for a specific and consistent flavor profile. Knowing how much Geminis appreciate variety and world cultures, the Nespresso pod they'd be is one that brings together two origins: Colombia and Brazil. The Volluto Nespresso pod is rich and round, plus it comes in a naturally decaffeinated option for these naturally high-energy signs.


It's true that Cancers can be hard to get to know. These signs put up hard, cold shells. But, those selective few who have broken through a Cancer's defensive walls know that, underneath it all, they're just big softies. Cancers are naturally nurturing, sensitive, and empathetic people — so much so that they often take on the emotions of the people around them as their own. For their loved ones, it's nice because they never seem to have to explain themselves or how they're feeling — the Cancer just knows. However, it can be especially draining for these signs, which is why they often stick to the comforts of their own home.

Soft blankets, hot cocoa, warm candles, cozy pajamas, and fuzzy socks are just some of the ideal ingredients for a Cancer's night in. A morning, on the other hand, won't look much different — just swap in a Nespresso pod for the hot cocoa and they'll be golden. But, which one? Of all the Nespresso pods on the market, the one that the Cancer would be is easy — and that's the Napoli. Ranked first in Tasting Table's ranking of Nespresso pods, the Napoli capsules are intense and bitter. But, just like how these signs come off as cold and distant at first, only to be sweet and understanding later, the Napoli pods have an inviting chocolate aroma and thick velvety texture that is delicious and comforting.


Represented by the lion, it's no surprise that some of the characteristics that Leos are known for are their loyalty, pride, and confidence. But they're also associated with the sun — and they aren't innocent of assuming the world revolves around them. They love the idea of being the center of the universe. It's why they're the sign that's most associated with fame. But they're also equally as happy to share the limelight and celebrate others, especially their friends and loved ones. The Leo only wants to live life to the fullest, and they're bringing everybody they care about with them when they do.

Now, that isn't to say these signs are modest. They're anything but. For them, living to the fullest means experiencing the finer things of life — which is why you'll often find them posting extravagant dinners, parties, and vacations on their Instagram stories for all to see. The same thing goes for their Nespresso pods, which is why if they were any one in particular, they'd be the Paris Espresso capsules. With flavors of fruit and baked goods, these Nespresso pods are intended to transport you to France — where sitting back and drinking an espresso is considered a daily ritual. Everything is fancier in French, including the coffee drinks. The Paris Espresso Nespresso pods are the next best thing to visiting a Parisian cafe.


It's no secret that Virgos are perfectionists. Somehow, they still manage to be the most productive of the zodiac signs. It's widely known that, if you need something done, these signs are the people to ask. Virgos have a knack for taking clutters of information and breaking them down into clear, concise steps. They actually get a lot of joy out of the small, nitty-gritty tasks that most of us despise, and they take even more satisfaction in knowing they contribute to something much bigger. While that's certainly the case when crafting coffees and roasts, it's not necessarily so when you're preparing a Nespresso at home.

Designed to be simple to prepare and convenient, Nespresso pioneered the world of coffee capsules— but there is one pod that the Virgo would be, and that's the Nistretto Italiano. Described as medium to high in levels of acidity, bitterness, and body, Tasting Table's taste testers were expecting to get a heavy cup of coffee. But, to their surprise, this Nespresso po came out well-rounded and easy to sip. The Nistretto Italiano Nespresso pods have a classic coffee flavor and a toasty, slightly earthy aroma. It only goes to show that some things are more than their original parts, but coffee especially. Sometimes it's more about how things come together, and that's a sentiment that could serve as a reminder to the detail-oriented Virgo.


Interestingly, the Libra is the only zodiac sign that's represented by an inanimate object — but it's for good reason. Known for their eye for symmetry, making them talented designers, decorators, and stylists, Libras are represented by scales because of their love for balance. But, aside from the aesthetic sense of it, balance is something these signs seek to achieve in their personal lives too. From work and life to health and wellness, the Libra feels their best when they're attributing adequate time and energy to every aspect of their lives. Where this is most prevalent, however, is in their relationships. Libras thrive in companionship, and they crave the kind of partnerships that bring the best out of one another.

Considering that, it's only right that their Nespresso pod do the same. That's why, if the Libra were any Nespresso pod out there, they'd be one that pairs coffee with something warm, nutty, and aromatic — something like hazelnut. The Nocciola Nespresso pods implement the flavor of pure hazelnuts, perfectly complimenting the earthy, rich flavors of the beans without going overboard. It's the perfect example of how to marry the two, and, fittingly enough, they're best served with milk. Whether it's in the form of a cappuccino, latte, or cortado — but preferably the type of coffee drink they are — mixing these Nespresso pods with the right amount of steamed milk, you achieve the perfect balance of flavors.


If there was one word to describe a Scorpio, it'd be intense. Often confused for fire signs, the water-bearing Scorpio's emotions run deeply — and depending on their mood, they can range from one end of the spectrum to the other. The thing is, though, they're also notoriously mysterious. So, while they might feel a certain way, you're likely to never know exactly why. That isn't to say they're liars, but they do have a knack for keeping certain details to themselves. Scorpios only want you to know what they want you to know, because, in their minds at least, it's how they maintain their power over you. Just like a real Scorpion, these signs strike when it's least expected, and they're always a couple of steps ahead.

Seeing as these signs love the dark so much, it's only right that the Nespresso pod they drink is. Uncoincidentally, it also happens to be the most intense of all the capsules Tasting Table tasted in their ranking — making the type of Nespresso pod a Scorpio would be none other than the Palermo Kazaar. Like these signs, the Palermo Kazaar Nespresso pods aren't for the weak. These pods are deep and bold with flavors of black licorice and wet soil. The spicy, woody notes make this dark roast all the more relentless, however, like the Scorpio's mysterious allure, the smoothness of the sip will draw even the most timid coffee drinkers. They're certainly not for everyone, but neither are Scorpios.


There's no sign like the Sagittarius, good or bad. Known for being raw and unfiltered, these signs can be honest to a fault. While they might let a few things slip, they're almost impossible to stay mad at. They have an infectious optimism that makes them particularly refreshing to be around, they're also hardly ever serious — so you're both sure to be laughing and smiling again in no time. That optimism also bleeds into their reputation for being adventurers. Represented by the archer, the Sagittarius is on a constant quest for knowledge, and they'll travel far and wide for the kinds of experiences that widen their understanding of the world. Positive or negative, these signs view everything as a lesson well learned.

Given their thirst for wanderlust and relentless optimism, it's clear that, of all the zodiac signs, the Sagittarius is the best to travel with. That's why, if they were any Nespresso pods, they'd be one from the World Explorations Collection. Considering how far these signs are willing to go, they'd be the Nespresso pod that transports you to the other side of the world — or to the modern city of Shanghai, to be specific. That's right, if the Sagittarius were any Nespresso pod, they'd be the Shanghai Lungo. Designed to be served as a long pull espresso, the Shanghai Lungo tastes bold and requires a bit of watering down, which is sort of like hanging out with these high-energy signs


We all know a workaholic, and the odds are that they're also a Capricorn. The Earth signs are known for being resilient, ambitious, disciplined, and hard-working — all things that corroborate the stereotype. Represented by the sea goat and associated with the knees, it's clear that they were born to climb — the corporate latter, that is. Capricorns savor responsibility, as they understand it's what comes with positions of power. But their goal-setting nature often means that they hardly ever give themselves the chance to relish in it. It's not until they've achieved their dream jobs that they allow themselves to loosen up. Still, they're going to need some coffee to get there.

Judging by the late-night Slack messages and hours working overtime, there's no doubt that Capricorns are drinking more coffee than the rest of the zodiac. How else would they be able to do it all and retain their sanity? Just like the Capricorn doubles down and remains disciplined in the face of, well, anything, they're also more than likely doubling down on their espresso. That's why, if they were any Nespresso pod on the market, they'd be the Double Espresso Chiaro. Woody, earthy, medium-bodied bodied, and just slightly acidic, these Nespresso pods are balanced and rich. With a double shot of espresso, and hence double the caffeine, the Double Espresso Chiaro will help get these signs exactly where they're heading — straight to the top.


Considering the "aqua" prefix in their names, you can see why Aquariuses are often confused for being water signs — but the reality is that they couldn't be any more different. The confusion, however, only goes to show how far these signs will go to not be put inside of a box. You see, Aquariuses couldn't be less interested in mainstream ideas or conceptions, and they're much more fascinated by things, people, and philosophies that go against the grain. It's partially why, of all the other signs of the zodiac, the Aquarius is considered the trendsetter. From their styles to their opinions, these signs are simply more open to being outcasts — which means they're often on to what's cool long before anyone else catches on. The same thing goes for their Nespresso pods.

When it comes to coffee, the trendsetters aren't the hipster baristas that make your lattes or the popular cafes. Maybe to a degree, as it pertains to different latte art designs or flavors. But, when you're talking about the pure beans, there's no discussing trendsetters without mentioning Ethiopia — it was coffee's birthplace, after all. That is why, if the Aquarius were any Nespresso pod in particular, they'd be the Master Origin Ethiopia capsules. These pods are made from single-origin Ethiopian coffee beans, AKA the beans that started it all. Being one of the best coffee regions for springtime, the Aquarius will probably have moved on to something even cooler by then.


Pisces are hard to distinguish from other signs because they tend to take on the personalities of whoever they're around. This is surprising since they're believed to be the most spiritually awakened of all the signs. Being the last on the zodiac calendar, it's often said that Pisces inherit all of the wisdom of the signs that come before them. But, rather than making them logical and analytic, Pisces are deeply emotional, relying mostly on their intuitions. In so, much of what makes these signs unique lies underneath the surface — in the way that they think, feel, and relate to the world. While that may make them harden to discern from other signs, it does mean that they're able to connect with just about anyone.

Knowing this, if the Pisces were any Nespresso pod in particular, it would have to be one that's as versatile as they are — whether served as an espresso, a long pull, a latte, or a cappuccino. That's why, if this sign were any Nespresso pod, they'd be the Altissio capsules. These Nespresso pods are ultra creamy and feel luxurious on your tongue even without the addition of steamed milk. However, because they're also full-bodied and bold, the Latin American blend still shines through if served as a long pull or latte. Considering how imaginative these signs are, this means the Pisces will be able to use the Altissio capsules to experiment with all kinds of coffee drinks, or coffee cocktails if they wish.