This Is How Lucille Ball Liked To Enjoy Her Pre-Dinner Bourbon

Lucille Ball, a beloved actress and comedy icon, had an affinity for her pre-dinner bourbon. But that doesn't mean she always enjoyed it the same way. Instead, she embraced a variety of styles to sip this nuanced spirit, each offering a unique twist. Though bourbon can be featured in a range of high-proof cocktails, Ball stuck to drinking it on the rocks, with club soda, or with a touch of water.

Each method lends its own characteristics to how she experienced the bourbon, enhancing the flavors and aromas in different ways. Sipping bourbon on the rocks offers a cooling sensation that can help to mellow out the intensity of the spirit's nose while still allowing its rich, complex flavors to shine through. Similarly, when drinking bourbon with a splash of water, the dilution helps to lower the proof of the bourbon, allowing its subtler flavors to emerge while reducing any harshness or burn.

For those who prefer a bit of effervescence, upgrading your bourbon with club soda is a refreshing option. The bubbly soda adds a lively kick to the spirit, enhancing its crispness and creating a more invigorating drinking experience. 

Both water and ice affect the dilution of bourbon

But what about dilution? How does adding water affect the flavor of bourbon? The answer lies in the spirit's molecular structure. Dilution breaks down the bonds between the molecules in the bourbon, releasing a wider range of flavors and aromas from the spirit. This process, known as "opening up" the bourbon, can lead to a more nuanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

Interestingly, the effects of ice and water on bourbon can differ slightly. While both dilute the spirit, ice has the added benefit of chilling it, which can help suppress certain flavors and aromas. On the other hand, water dilutes without chilling, allowing for a more subtle and controlled adjustment of the bourbon's proof.

So, the next time you pour or order a glass of bourbon, think of the many ways Lucille Ball enjoyed hers. Don't be afraid to take a cue from the glamorous actress and consider experimenting with different ways of enjoying this classic spirit.