Why Cerignola Olives Are The Go-To Variety For Stuffing

In the world of olives, there are many more varieties than those that usually line grocery store shelves. Out of hundreds of different kinds of fruit and olive curing styles, there's one variety that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to stuffing: cerignola olives. These olives are not only among the largest in the world, but also boast a meaty texture and mild flavor that makes them the ultimate canvas for a wide selection of ingredients that can be packed inside the briny fruit.

While the size of cerignola olives alone sets them apart, it's the extra real estate inside of the olives that makes them so easy to stuff. Unlike smaller olives, cerignola olives are roughly the size of a large pecan shell. That means that once the stone is removed you can easily stuff them with nuts as well as other charcuterie ingredients like cheeses. Thanks to their substantial texture and earthy flavor, many flavor-packed options pair well with the olives.

Try cerignola olives with a variety of stuffings

So, what are some winning combinations to stuff these olives with? Creamy blue cheese is one option. Or to amplify the salty briny bite, try feta for a punch of flavor. You can also add crisp bacon and earthy spinach to cream cheese for a more subtle but satisfying stuffing full of savory layers. 

Crunchier foods are another option to contrast with the texture of cerignola olives, and include whole cloves of garlic, which infuse each olive with their aromatic essence. Almonds are another classic choice for an added snap to the olives. Whether you're craving bold flavors or subtle nuances, you can take cerignola olives in many different directions depending on what you plan to stuff them with.

So, embrace your culinary creativity, and fill those olives to your heart's content. When served alongside a thoughtful charcuterie board, a selection of cheeses, or with a dirty martini, stuffed cerignola olives will become the snacking stars of your party or simply a brilliantly bone-fide bar snack.