Stuff Olives With Almonds For An Easy And Savory Hors D'oeuvre

Almond stuffed olives are quite possibly the perfect hors d'oeuvre. For one thing, they're delicious; the combination of nuttiness and brininess with a crunchy, meaty mouthfeel make them a complex and elegant addition to any dinner party menu. Aside from affecting those suffering from nut allergies, these stuffed olives will conform to just about every one of your guest's dietary requirements. You can also dress them up in exciting variations, and best of all, they require minimal preparation and ingredients.

If you're hosting a cocktail party, you should have a variety of amuse bouche and hors d'oeuvre options, and stuffed olives are a beautifully simple dish that goes with just about everything. They're also a safe bet when you're bringing appetizers to a social gathering because stuffed olives travel well, are easy to carry, and you can pretty much guarantee they'll be a surefire hit at any cocktail party. The trickiest part of this dish is deciding which of the many flavor combinations to choose from.

All the possibilities

Spanish olives like Manzanillo or Italian olives such as Cerignola are often the most commonly stuffed with almonds because of their size and meatiness, making them perfect for stuffing. Queen olives and Picholine are lovely alternatives and can be paired with smokey almonds for a woody, salty combination. Try blue cheese and salted roasted almonds with large California Queen olives for an elegant and complex pairing of blue cheese earthiness and nutty sweetness. Or keep it simple with blanched almonds in Castelvetranos with a little lemon zest or red chili flakes for a bright kick of flavor. 

You can serve almond-stuffed olives with your cocktails as a garnish as well as an appetizer on their own. Try mesquite smoked almond stuffed queen olives in your dirty martini, or skewer a few to top a briny bloody mary for a crunchy addition to your boozy brunch. Almond stuffed olives as simple or as flavorful as you like will pair with just about any charcuterie board; cheeses, dried fruit, and cured meats all love to pair with this delectable little snack.