Why You Should Think Twice About Putting Folgers Coffee On Your Grocery List

A cup of coffee can be an opportunity for artistry, whether it's perfected latte art or a deftly brewed pour-over. However, for many, it's simply a jolt of caffeination, a warm cup ready to start the day. There's nothing wrong with favoring coffee for its convenience, but it still pays off to consider which popular brand to throw into the grocery cart. And if you're after an aromatic brew, you might want to pass on Folgers.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the brand, but the palate leans so smooth, it's nearly forgettable. To the brand's credit, when prepared properly, cups have no off-putting notes, with mild acidity and bitterness. So for those with a distaste for coffee's flavor or simply looking for a fuss-free experience, it gets the job done. 

However, there's a reason Folgers came in last in Tasting Table's ranking of popular coffee brands. For the true coffee lovers out there who embrace the bold taste of coffee as much as the caffeine jolt it provides, this brand is not for you. If you're after a cup that's a daily delight in itself, there are much better options to turn to. With some shopping research, your morning Joe can be a little tastier without changing the preparation process.

Folgers coffee doesn't offer much flavor

Over the years, Folgers has been one of the largest ground coffee brands in the U.S. Backed by successful marketing — nearly everyone knows their decades-old jingle — it's a label that's ubiquitous in American kitchens. It is easy to scoop and throw into a drip coffee machine, so no one will dock it points against convenience.

However, it's not a particularly beloved brand by coffee hobbyists. It's known as a bland coffee that's a sharp contrast to the intrigue of a batch of specialty beans. The brand is working to change that, reinvesting in its image, especially with younger shoppers. They offer many bean varieties, from flavored vanilla coffee to a Colombian option. These grounds may not lend the same experience as buying from a local roaster, but the brand is surprisingly versatile.

Fundamentally, it's a matter of expectation and subjective taste. For some, Folgers is a dependable and comforting part of their morning routine. However, it's not the cup to settle for if you're hoping to broaden your coffee experience.