The Trick For Brewing Great-Tasting Iced Coffee With A Drip Maker

Summer's unfolding, and you're at home sweating and yearning for a refreshing glass of iced coffee. As you reach for your humble drip coffee maker, you wonder: Can you use this to craft a robust and full-bodied summer brew? The answer is yes, and here's a trick borrowed from Japan. 

The coffee brewing process remains fairly familiar. Begin by grinding the coffee beans according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, wash the coffee filter with hot water. If you usually add 8 cups of water to the coffee maker's reservoir, halve the volume and add only 4 cups. This will result in a brew with a higher concentration of flavor. To make iced coffee, add ice to the carafe to match the water volume in the reservoir (4 cups of water equals 946 grams of ice). For accuracy here, you can use a digital kitchen scale. 

Two things happen as the brewing coffee drips directly onto the ice within the carafe: The hot coffee melts the ice while the ice rapidly chills the coffee, reducing its bitterness. The result is a great-tasting and smooth Japanese-style iced coffee with a balanced flavor you'll want to experience again and again. 

Freeze the leftover coffee into ice cubes for flavorful iced coffee

Should you find yourself with leftover iced coffee from your drip brew, transform it into frozen coffee cubes rather than storing it. By pouring the remaining brew into an ice tray and freezing it, you maintain the coffee's robust flavor for future use.

Then ,the next time an iced coffee craving hits, begin by brewing your regular hot coffee. Enhance the taste by replacing regular ice with these flavor-packed cold brew cubes, rather than letting melting water dilute your coffee. To give your drink a creamy sweetness, try incorporating a Vietnamese twist. Mix in a spoonful or two of condensed milk to your glass before adding the hot coffee, ensuring a uniform saccharine flavor, and then introduce your cold brew ice cubes.

These simple yet effective tricks will transform your everyday drip coffee maker into an iced coffee powerhouse. Now you're equipped to enjoy an almost flawless, homemade iced coffee, irrespective of the season, right at home.