16 Of The Best Spots For Pizza In Buffalo, According To A New Yorker

When conjuring up an image of a hot and steamy slice of New York pizza, most of us jump right to the pie that dominates the scene: New York City-style. Nothing beats the city's slice, except perhaps a different breed of the state's legendary pizza. With over 600 pizzerias, a case can be made for Buffalo as one of America's top pizza towns. Unlike the most popular pizza styles in the U.S., Buffalo-style pizza can usually only be found in Buffalo itself, making it as elusive as it is delicious. And, no, this pizza doesn't come covered with fried chicken, hot sauce, and ranch. This Western New York pie is characterized by its sweet and tangy sauce, layers upon layers of melty cheese, and — most importantly — copious amounts of pepperoni. A Buffalo pie is often described as a hybrid of Chicago deep-dish and thin-crusted New York pizza, making it the best of both doughy worlds.

Using my New York culinary expertise, personal experience, and online reviews and articles, I've compiled a list to show off the best of Buffalo, pie-wise. This roundup includes establishments that pizza-indulging tourists flock to and hubs where locals grab a slice while on the go. Use this list on your next cheesy escapade in The Nickel City, and you might turn your back on NYC and Chicago style.

Daddio's Pizza

Daddio's Pizza has it all, making it a top one-stop shop for Buffalo locals to grab a slice, a frosty cold beer, and hot, fresh wings. To accompany pizza and wings, the restaurant carries a creamy, zesty bleu cheese that keeps patrons coming back for more. If the pizza, wings, and sauce weren't enough, Daddio's has a fun, laid-back ambiance and bar, making it a home-away-from-home for locals to catch up with friends over a low-cost but high-quality meal.

Daddio's specializes in a traditional Buffalo-style large pepperoni pie, complete with fluffy dough and exactly 1 pound of fresh mozzarella coating nearly the entire pizza. At no extra cost, you can get yours with a specialty crust — garlic, sesame, honey, or any combination of the three. Daddio's is open daily until late evening for authentic Buffalo snacks and nightlife.


(716) 877-7747

1247 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

Lovejoy Pizza

With one location in the Lovejoy neighborhood and one downtown, this pizza parlor has specialized in serving Buffalo locals since the '90s. An authentic slice is done right at Lovejoy's, where just the right amount of cheese and loads of succulent pepperoni make it one of the best in the city. The restaurant also specializes in the best stuffed hot peppers around, as well as tacos, fajitas, and chicken fingers in your choice of seasoning.

Enhance your pizza from Lovejoy's with free crust additions — including garlic, onion, poppy, hot pepper, and Cajun — and a variety of toppings for the ultimate decked-out pie. For a truly Buffalo experience, snag a chicken finger pie from Lovejoy's, and make sure to douse it in the city's namesake sauce. Lovejoy's downtown location is open Tuesday through Saturday and its Lovejoy location is open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

Macy's Place Pizzeria

If you can dream it, they can create it at Macy's Place. This pizzeria brings unconventional slices to multiple areas in the city, with locations in both Cheektowaga and Kenmore. Choose between over 50 varieties of Instagram-worthy pizzas, or mix and match toppings to create your own Macy's masterpiece.

A basic cheese and pepperoni slice more than hits the spot at Macy's Place, but you'd be hard-pressed not to snag one of its specialty pies under the "fun stuff" section of the menu. The colossal 90s-themed pizza dubbed "Nick at Nite" comes with BBQ dinosaur chicken nuggets, Totino's pizza rolls, and curly fries — that's right, all atop an expertly crafted Buffalo-style pizza. Try the smoked gouda mac and cheese pie or a pizza topped with crab rangoons to impress your guests on game night. The eatery also offers breakfast and dessert pies, including flavors like sausage gravy and apple pie. Both Macy's Place locations are open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

Olisi's New York Style

Olisi's in Tonawanda boasts one of the best New York City-style pizzas outside the Big Apple. These pizzas have a chewy, thin crust and fresh toppings for a taste that will make you feel like you're strolling through the streets of Manhattan. Although these slices come with a hefty NYC-sized price tag, it's well worth it to indulge in one of the most celebrated styles of pizza across the globe.

Try Olisi's Bruschetta pie, made with dark red tomatoes and flavorful herbs, for a garden-fresh vegetarian pizza that you'll keep coming back for. If you prefer to go the meat-lovers route, try the Stinger: a pie topped with steak and chicken fingers for a savory, meaty taste coupled with cool bleu cheese. Olisi's is open daily for lunch and dinner.


(716) 837-6767

2352 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150

Bocce Club Pizza

You can't talk about Buffalo's greatest pizza achievements without bringing up Bocce Club. This pizza joint, established in 1946, has been a household name in Western New York cuisine for over 75 years. Bocce Club slings pies reminiscent of focaccia bread, with heaps and mounds of cheese and toppings that spill off the edges, forcing most patrons to resort to the dastardly method of fork-and-knifing their slice. The iconic Buffalo-style pepperoni that dons these pies comes complete with a light char and classic concave appearance. These little red medallions are crispy atop a steamy pizza while retaining their luscious, meaty flavor.

Bocce Club's secret-recipe pizza sauce has the renowned Buffalo-style sweetness with a hint of heat and a touch of tang. Bocce Club embraces its legendary status by offering pies in sheet-pan size. The restaurant also offers half-baked pies and preps them for travel so you can show off some of Buffalo's best pizza to your out-of-town buds. All Bocce Club locations are open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

La Nova Pizzeria

La Nova — made famous by acting as the official pizza sponsor for the Bills and Sabres — serves an authentic slice made just the way Buffalo locals like it. If cheese is your pleasure, then a slice from La Nova will satisfy like no other. These pies come doused in layers of cheesy goodness and spicy pepperoni with the renowned cup shape and crispy, charred rim. Grab a side of garlicky bleu cheese or cool ranch to cut through the rich, salty meat for a melody of flavors in each bite.

Not only does La Nova make the city proud with its iconic pizza, but the wings served here are authentic and come with a variety of sauce options to suit every palate. Get The Big Joe 30-inch "Super Size" pie (this behemoth serves 10-15) with a heaping pile of wings and settle in for the next Bills or Sabres game to enjoy a day of Buffalo bliss. La Nova's Buffalo location is open daily for lunch and dinner.


(716) 881-3303

371 W Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Jay's Artisan Pizza

Chic and modern Jay's in Kenmore has rapidly earned an impressive reputation since its inception in 2017. The pizzeria — deemed one of the best pizza-slinging establishments in the world by the Italian publication Top 50 Pizza — specializes in artisanal Neapolitan pies and Detroit-style slices, bringing a little something fresh and different to The Nickel City.

Unlike traditional Buffalo pizza, the pies at Jay's are as light as air and baked in a flash, ensuring the taste of all fresh ingredients are vivid and pronounced — in true Detroit fashion. Even though Jay's pies aren't made Buffalo-style, the eatery still offers Buffalo staples, like hot cherry pepper and chicken finger pies. Jay's Artisan Pizza is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner.


(716) 322-1704

2872 Delaware Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217

Picasso's Pizza

Picasso's pies are absolutely huge, but that's not the only reason it's a household name in Buffalo pizza. The dough is fluffy, the toppings are plentiful, and specialty pies come in an exciting variety of styles. Picasso's offers party combos at a great price, making it the best destination for feeding a crowd on a budget.

Grab The Kitchen Sink pie for a flavorful medley of hot and fresh toppings. Picasso's does Hawaiian pizza right, with crispy bacon, juicy ham, and sweet, succulent (and controversial) pineapple chunks piled onto each slice. These pizzas will leave you stuffed and ready for a relaxing night in. Go out and shovel snow? No thanks — it's a Picasso's night. Picasso's locations are open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

Carbone's Pizza

Carbone's does quintessential Buffalo pizza right in two iconic Buffalo neighborhoods, complete with a laid-back local vibe. The pizza at Carbone's is timeless — having remained nearly the same since the '70s – providing pizza-driven childhood memories for many Buffalo locals. The restaurant is also home to nearly every fast-casual dish under the sun, from chicken fingers to soups and tacos.

The pizza at Carbone's is thick and doughy, with just the right amount of grease to make it an ideal post-party indulgence without leaving you too stuffed. Carbone's is the spot to get a classic pepperoni slice, but the restaurant also offers an extensive list of toppings to choose from. If you're aiming to create a pie with pizazz, add extra sauce and base flavors to your pizza. Carbone's offers traditional sauce as well as Buffalo-style extra sweet, ranch, bleu cheese, and barbecue bases. Both Carbone's locations are open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

LaPorta's Pizzeria

If you've had your fill of New York-style pizza lately, then it's time to scope out the scene at LaPorta's. Although the restaurant offers Buffalo-inspired pies, locals are flocking to LaPorta's for the thick, fluffy pizza known as Chicago-style deep dish. LaPorta's dedicates an entire section of its menu to the iconic Chicago pie and offers a plethora of topping options. Get a deep dish buffalo chicken pie for a little New York-Illinois fusion, or try the deep dish white pie. This pizza comes loaded with mushrooms, tomato, fragrant garlic oil, and piles of mozzarella and ricotta. LaPorta's is also known for its massive calzones like the Steak in the Grass, featuring thin-sliced steak, mozzarella, and garlic oil. LaPorta's is open daily for lunch and dinner.


(716) 688-7740

485 W Klein Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221

Imperial Pizza

This pizzeria, with one location in South Buffalo and one in the heart of the city, is a top Buffalo destination for pizza and wings, as well as a cozy spot to watch a game with friends or have a relaxing, casual date night. Take a seat in the vast dining room or at the timeless wrap-around bar and explore a menu that includes Buffalo classics alongside inventive Imperial favorites.

Try a pie topped with (mostly) traditional Reuben sandwich ingredients: corned beef, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. For an early morning pizza splurge, Imperial offers a breakfast pizza loaded with eggs, cheese, and a buttery base. Grab some tender, melt-in-your-mouth chicken wings to accompany your pizza and cozy up to the restaurant's TV screens for a hockey game. If food and sports weren't enough, Imperial Pizza delivers its meals with impeccably fast and friendly service. Both Imperial Pizza locations are open daily for lunch and dinner.


Multiple locations

Mister Pizza

No matter your preferences, Mister Pizza is sure to please. All its locations boast expansive dining areas, making it the perfect venue for hosting parties and gatherings, especially since its diverse menu caters to every palate. While Mister Pizza is best known for its traditional Buffalo-style pizza, you can opt for the signature NYC style at no extra charge.

Mister Pizza excels at pleasing crowds with affordable deals suitable for groups of any size. Whether you choose to take a few pizzas to-go or unwind in the inviting atmosphere, the Mister Pizza staff ensures a fun and relaxing experience. Try a shrimp scampi pizza for an explosion of Italian flavors, or a pulled pork pizza for a barbecue vibe. For those who prefer vegan or vegetarian options, Mister Pizza has you covered with its specialty pies, like a hearty vegan pie with dairy-free mozzarella, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, and fresh tomato. Mister Pizza locations are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner.


Multiple locations

Zetti's Pizza & Pasta

In the college neighborhood of Amherst, you'll find a true Buffalo gem. Zetti's is a favorite among students and locals for its clean and spacious interior, perfect for hosting groups of friends or family gatherings, and its exquisite pizza offerings — all made with an expertly-crafted thin crust, gooey, melty cheese, and a slammin' housemade sauce.

Nothing is off the table at Zetti's, where its wide selection of toppings and specialty pies can be customized to your heart's content. Get a Big Daddy Pizza, which comes with any six toppings of your choice. Go for a Meat Lover's pie with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ham, and maybe some onions and olives tossed in. Or, for more eclectic palates, get a wild, sweet-and-salty fusion of anchovies, pineapple, and bright veggies for a crazy explosion of flavors on each slice. Zetti's also specializes in traditional, thick, and fluffy Sicilian pies, with or without cheese. Zetti's is open every day for a late lunch and dinner.


(716) 691-8535

4621 Maple Rd #1037, Amherst, NY 14226

Zahz Pizza

This eatery's quirky name reflects its vivacious vibe to a T. Zahz's has an old-school, vintage cafe-feel to it — complete with a spot where guests can sit atop little stools and order sodas and slices — transporting patrons back to the classic lunch counter of a bygone era. If the ambiance isn't enough, the pizza and wings here will leave you in awe.

For a simple yet sensational pizza experience, opt for the classic pepperoni pie. True to Buffalo style, this pizza is generously topped with cheese and pepperoni, overflowing from the edges to the point where the crusty end almost fades into obscurity. Brace yourself for a substantial meal, because indulging in this spectacle of a slice may require folding and a two-handed approach, with just one serving enough to satisfy your evening cravings. Zahz is open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.


(716) 630-9249

596 Cayuga Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Deniro's Pizzeria

Deniro's is a pizza fan favorite for both Buffalonians and tourists alike. Like many establishments on this list, Deniro's specializes in a traditional Buffalo pie, but most patrons choose this establishment for its unconventional specialties over the tried-and-true classic. These unique pies are some of the most marvelous pizza creations in the city.

Try Deniro's Pizza Lunas, thin-crust pies stuffed with your choice of fixings and special house sauce for dipping and dunking. For an epic pie that combines two of the most universally loved foods of all time — pizza and burgers — snag a Mac Daddy pizza. This monstrous pie comes with Deniro's house sauce, pickles, hamburger, American and mozzarella cheese, and a sesame seed-dotted crust. For another unique option, treat yourself to the Mardi Gras pie — a pizza loaded with chicken, sausage, spicy peppers, and flavors of the bayou. Deniro's is open Wednesday through Monday for lunch and dinner.


(716) 681-5555

2251 George Urban Blvd, Depew, NY 14043

Artones Pizza and Subs

Artones is a south Buffalo staple for good reason, specializing in Buffalo's original steak hoagie and quality pizzas that give New York City pies a run for their money. The restaurant offers all the classic Buffalo pizza toppings, like chicken fingers, hot cherry peppers, and, of course, traditional cup-and-char pepperoni. The staff at Artones are friendly and knowledgeable, and will gladly hook you up with a wide selection of pizzas for your next party (or for the next time you're snowed in). These slices are as sturdy as they come, making them perfect for stocking up and reheating later.

For a truly authentic pie, order a stuffed hot pepper pizza with added meatballs. Although this exact pie isn't listed on the menu, the staff at Artones will happily accommodate special requests. The peppers pack a heat punch, but not so much so that you can't easily devour a slice or four. Artones is open daily for lunch and dinner.


(716) 822-2311

1882 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210


As a born and bred New Yorker, I have a deep appreciation for diverse pizza styles. Whether it's a pie adorned with unconventional and exciting toppings or a classic rendition that highlights the straightforward and essential elements of a city's culinary identity, I savor them all. In New York, pizza holds legendary status, extending its influence across the entire state, from the bustling city to every nook and cranny. In this compilation, I'm thrilled to spotlight Buffalo — an often-overlooked town in pizza discussions. Yet, Buffalo stands tall as a pizza haven, comparable to iconic cities like NYC, Chicago, and Detroit. It's high time Western New Yorkers enjoy the recognition of being a genuine pizza destination.

Drawing on my personal experiences in Buffalo, along with insights from online reviews and articles, I've considered factors like price, accessibility, uniqueness, and, most importantly, taste to curate the ultimate list of the finest pizza establishments in The Nickel City. I hope you use this list to discover a whole new breed of American culinary wonders and challenge any preconceived notions about where the best pizza in the country truly resides.