24 Top-Rated Spots To Get Vegan Pizza In The US

Here in America, we can access various pizza styles and pizza-centric products. Whether you prefer New York-style large slices or square-shaped Detroit-style, there are more than enough options to satisfy your cheesy cravings. According to Britannica, Americans consume 100 acres of pizza daily, or 350 slices each second. 

Although cheese is the undeniable star of the pizza experience, what if you are vegan? Vegan versions of cheese-heavy foods often pale in comparison to the original. Plant-based cheese can be unpredictable: frequently bland, plastic-tasting, and completely unlike dairy cheese. Thankfully, vegan cheese has improved considerably in recent years and some brands have even managed to recreate its stretch and pull. As a result, vegan pizza tastes a whole lot better.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, the bar continues to rise. Today, many pizzerias offer quality pies for not only vegans but meat lovers, too. Here is an extensive list of our top-rated spots throughout the 50 states that offer vegan pizza. The list was compiled using personal experience, recommendations from close friends, and an aggregation of online reviews.  

Double Zero in New York City

Matthew Kinney's plant-based pizzeria Double Zero cooks the freshest ingredients in a custom-built wood fire oven. Totally meat- and dairy-free, Double Zero has been serving health-focused New Yorkers from its East Village location since 2016. The pies are not only tasty but also organic and sustainable. Neapolitan is the style of choice, but don't expect large pies; servings are typically individually sized. All of the cheeses are nut-based, surprisingly flavorful, and made in-house. Some examples include cashew mozzarella, macadamia nut ricotta, and sunflower parmesan — there is even a butternut squash nacho cheese option. Along with pizza, Double Zero's menu features a wide range of salads, pastas, desserts, and alcoholic beverages.


(212) 777-1608

65 2nd Ave, New York, NY, 10003

Screamer's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY

One of Brooklyn's original all-vegan pizzerias, Screamer's has been helping to spearhead the local plant-based movement since 2016. What you'll find there is plain and simple: Whole pies, fat slices, and good vibes. Those new to vegan food and vets alike can enjoy the pizza, which is eerily similar to the real thing. Screamer's makes classic New York-style dough and uses organic vegan sauce with coconut and potato starch-based cheeses. Seitan substitutes for meat. Along with pizza, Screamer's boasts a wide selection of other affordably priced vegan offerings.


(718) 623-6000

685 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Da Legna at Nola in New Haven, CT

A New Haven staple for more than 10 years, Da Legna at Nola has a menu brimming with flavorful options for both vegans and pizza purists. Its upscale-casual aesthetic is the perfect setting for a night out with friends or that special someone. If you're the sole vegan of the bunch, don't worry, the pizza there is artisanal, made from scratch, and delicious enough to convert carnivorous naysayers. Fun fact: New Haven is considered one of America's pizza capitals. Da Legna at Nola puts a spin on the traditional New Haven-style thin-crust pizza, while also offering mouthwatering side dishes and a fully stocked bar.


(203) 891-7704

687 State St, New Haven, CT 06511

20th Street Pizza in Philadelphia, PA

If Philly is known for anything, it's classic food. While cheesesteak immediately springs to mind when it comes to The City of Brotherly Love, the pizza there isn't too shabby either. Local vegan pioneer Mark Mebus opened 20th Street Pizza in 2019, his second all-vegan restaurant on the scene. Customers are treated to a constantly rotating selection of pizza creations that Mebus conjures with his culinary wizardry. Currently available are classics like plain cheese and pepperoni, along with unique offerings like spicy romesco hot potato pizza and the aptly-titled Haymaker, which will surely knock you out. 


(215) 398-5748

108 South 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza in Boston, MA

Firing up the Boston culinary scene is Stoked Wood Fired Pizza. Owners Scott Riebling and Toirm Miller curated a true pizza lover's pizzeria, offering Naples, New York, and New Haven styles. All of the ingredients are sourced locally from Lilliput Farms in Wareham, MA, which uses seeds imported directly from Italy. If anything, you can expect the freshest-quality pizza possible. Stoked is very affordable and the menu also includes wings, pasta, salads, and more. You can choose from two Boston locations.


(617) 879-0707

1632 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

Zorch Pizza in Richmond, VA

Rob Zorch, owner of Richmond, VA's popular Zorch Pizza, dreamed of owning a pizzeria, and in 2021, his dreams came true. Zorch primarily serves traditional New York style but most of the options can be vegan-ized as well. Beyond vegan-izing the everyday selections, you can also try limited-time specialty pies. One recent offering was made with sweet red sauce topped with vegan chorizo, red onion, green onion, Calabrian chilies, and vegan mozz. Does a vegan chicken and waffle pizza whet your appetite? Slices, whole pies, and crave-worthy extras are all available for pocket-friendly prices.


(804) 562-0279

2923 West Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

Ammazza in Atlanta, GA

Below the Mason-Dixon, there's a whole world of pizzerias dedicated to producing top-notch pies. Ammazza is located in Atlanta, Georgia, considered one of the South's culinary hotbeds. Pizza-smiths there combine the best of both worlds to bring you a distinctively delicious pie that combines the Neapolitan and New York styles. Caputo 00 flour is used; a true indicator of quality. It hails from Italy, has a baby powder-like consistency ideal for pizza-making, and is vegan-friendly too. Along with regular dairy cheese pizza, the menu includes six house-made cashew cheese vegan options.


(404) 835-2298

591 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Kitchen 17 in Chicago, IL

Chicago is iconic for its deep-dish pizza, and when you visit, experiencing Kitchen 17 is a must. Locally known as the "Original Vegan Chicago Deep Dish," the menu is packed with classic and unique options that include cheese, pepperoni, jalapeño popper, and macaroni and cheese, just to name a few. Although Chicagoans flock there for the deep dish, you can also order pan pizza and New York style. The prices are the same whichever style you order, along with a cheaper personal pan option. If you still have room for more, the menu features sandwiches and salads too. 


(312) 391-8654

2554 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Dimo's Pizza in Chicago, IL

Another Chicago staple, Dimo's Pizza has been keeping locals fed and happy since 2012. Customers can pick from 10 cheesy and tummy-filling pizza options. Dimo's not only makes forehead-smacking-good pies, but it also gives back to the community through several in-house initiatives, one of which includes a pizza-making class for kids. There are four Dimo's locations throughout Chicago, so you never have to worry about satisfying your pizza cravings. From vegan mac pizza to the Dimo florentine and BBQchickencheddarranch, you'll have a hard time choosing just one.


Several Locations

4th and State in Columbus, OH

A diner probably isn't where you expect to have some of the best vegan pizza in the U.S., but that's exactly what you'll find at 4th and State. Family-owned, it specializes in traditional diner foods made from plant-based ingredients. There are six pizza flavors to choose from, along with a build-your-own option. Spice lovers will drool over the Nashville hot chick'n, which comes with ranch-topped tempeh that's tossed in buffalo sauce. 4th and State offers personal pan sizes, and for your cheese fix, mozz-stuffed crust. Be there, or be square, like the shape of 4th and State's pizza. 


(614) 224-5461

152 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215

Pie Sci in Detroit, MI

Pie Sci, a Detroit slice slinger, welcomes all diets thanks to an impressive array of pizza options, with fun names to boot. Nearly all 16 available pies can be vegan-ized, or you can build one to your savory or sweet specifications. Orders come topped with either Follow Your Heart vegan cheese or house-made cashew cheese. If you desire a more flavorful punch, go with one of the 15 "drizzle additions," some of which include vegan herb mayo, honey-Valentina hot sauce, and even caramel. Pie Sci makes pan pizza and, of course, the local favorite, Detroit-style pizza. 


(313) 818-0290

5163 Trumbull St, Woodbridge, Detroit, MI

Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria in Wichita, KS

As its name implies, Wichita's Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria specializes in authentic Naples-style pizza. Handmade with slow-risen dough, each delectable pie is carefully and lovingly baked in a wood-fired oven that was hand-built in the motherland. Don't let the dedication to tradition fool you, though, Piatto has an extensive vegan pizza menu that's given the same level of culinary consideration. The eight pizza offerings range from classics like Margherita, topped with Follow Your Heart mozz, to Holy Kale, upon which Yukon Gold potatoes, cremini, white button, shiitake mushrooms, kale, shaved garlic, paprika, and mozz sits. Why travel to Italy when you can get a taste of the old country right in your backyard? 


(316) 800-9105

1706 East Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67214

Big Nonna's in Austin, TX

Austin is the vegan capital of Texas, a state historically known for anything but plant-based eating. Despite its barbecue roots, a vegan scene has emerged in recent years, showing that more than just smoked brisket lovers populate the Lone Star State. Big Nonna's is one plant-based pizzeria helping to reshape the Austin culinary landscape. It offers a fully vegan menu that primarily specializes in plant-based pizza and ice cream. Rather than soy, pepperoni is made from beets (beetaroni), and cheeses are produced using pumpkin seeds. Exemplifying the passion and care co-owner Robbie Lordi puts into his pizzas, it takes 12 hours to make beetaroni. It'll only take a fraction of the time to stop by for a bite. The owners of Big Nonna's also operate a food truck named Li'l Nonna's, which served as the launch pad for the brand before Big Nonna's.


(737) 202-4782

12601 Tech Ridge Blvd, #300, Austin, TX 78753

Pizza Heaven Bistro in Phoenix, AZ

When a restaurant calls itself Pizza Heaven Bistro, the pies just have to be angelic. An award-winning Phoenix staple known for quality pies, Pizza Heaven Bistro has been family-owned and operated since 1982. Beyond the meat options, a separate menu features entirely vegan items. The dough is made fresh each morning and pizzas are baked in a brick oven. Owner and chef Patricia Hasbun created 99% of the dishes offered on the menu. There are eight pies to try, along with a build-your-own option. You can pair your pizza with any number of delectable items from its extensive Italian menu.


(602) 932-2650

5150 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Piante Pizzeria in Breckenridge, CO

In the mountainous city of Breckenridge, Colorado, pizza is a beloved comfort classic like anywhere else. Piante Pizzeria opened in 2017 to offer gourmet New York City-inspired plant-based pizza. Healthy food does need not compromise on flavor, and Piante Pizzeria understands a thing or two about great-tasting food. With 16 pizza flavors to pick from and a build-your-own option, you'll be on a pizza high that you never want to come down from. Try the popular Buffalo Soldier; it comes with EVOO-brushed crust, zesty buffalo sauce, melty mozz, buffalo cauliflower, red and green onion, and ranch drizzle. 


(970) 423-6693

520 S Main St, #3M Top Floor, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Pi Vegan Pizzeria in Seattle, WA

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference and Pi Vegan Pizzeria knows the right ratio of pizza toppings to make a perfect circle-shaped pie. Branded as "America's Oldest Vegan Pizzeria," it's been a pioneer in the space since 2007. From chick'n parm to magic mac, each pie is made with love and care, and there are 18 delicious and reasonably priced flavors. Choose between four dairy-free cheeses: Mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, and cashew ricotta. Seattle is famous for its vegan scene and offers some of the best meat-free options in the world. Simply put, Pi Vegan Pizzeria comes from a community of plant-based masters.


(206) 343-1415

5301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Boxcar Pizza in Portland, OR

Fans of Detroit-style pizza will salivate over the pies at Portland's Boxcar Pizza. Another city famous for its vegan scene, Portland is also considered one of the best pizza cities in America. Boxcar is a newer pizzeria and its menu looks more like a list of song titles rather than yummy pies. One flavor called "Strings of Nashville" consists of mozzarella, Nashville fried chicken, pickles, and drizzled with ranch. As the taste strums away, it's sure to leave your soul stirring. Another standout is the Bianca, a mozz-topped pie with ricotta, sausage, garlic, fresh basil, and Parmesan. And, those are just two of 14 available flavors. Fun fact: It was recently nominated as the best vegan pizza spot by VegNews. 


(503) 954-2836

2701 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

Rudy's Pizza PDX in Portland, OR

With more than 100+ possible combinations of pizzas, you'll be swimming in cheese at the Portland, Oregon-based Rudy's Pizza. Owner Rudy Medina opened it in 2006 with the goal of offering the best Portland-inspired pizza possible — and still does so to this day. The vegan menu is loaded with a wide range of flavors that originate from the culinary mind of its sports-loving, pizza-making owner. From creamy vegan sriracha-Ru to Ru's vegan cheeseburger, a tongue-pleasing experience awaits. Each pie is available in small, medium, large, or gluten-free. And, you get to pick between three dairy-free cheeses: Violife, Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, or Daiya. If Rudy's selection of specialty pizzas doesn't grab your attention, you can also customize your cheesy creation.  


(503) 771-8008

2443 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR, 97202

Blue Line Pizza in the Bay Area

When it comes to Silicon Valley, pizza does not immediately spring to mind. Nevertheless, tech geniuses love pizza just as much as us everyday folk. Opened in 2004, Blue Line Pizza is a premier go-to spot for quality vegan pizza. There are 10 locations spread throughout the Bay Area, which serve as proof that Blue Line knows pizza craft. It was even voted "Best Pizza in Silicon Valley." While not 100% vegan, the menu includes more than enough options for any dietary lifestyle you lead. Blue Line Pizza is famous for its cornmeal crust deep dish pizzas and has received many awards over the years. If the deep dish isn't your slice of pie, the pizzeria offers an equally tasty New York-style thin crust.


Several locations

Bare Knuckle Pizza in Oakland, CA

Viet Nguyen, owner of Oakland's Bare Knuckle Pizza, harbored a love for pizza craft long before he relocated from Indiana to open his successful pizzeria. The self-proclaimed pizza enthusiast learned how to make authentic Neapolitan-style pies in Brooklyn. He now serves authentic deliciousness at one of Oakland's only wood-fired pizzerias. Each ingredient is sourced locally and the dough is made fresh daily. Bare Knuckle Pizza only offers whole personal-sized pies made in small batches. As a result, pizzas are in limited supply and sometimes sell out. While not primarily vegan, each of their 20 pie selections can be made vegan with The Butcher's Son mozz and Beyond Pepperoni.


(510) 463-1524

351 12th St, Oakland, CA 94607

Masa of Echo Park in Los Angeles

If you're a deep-dish pizza fan living in Los Angeles, look no further than Masa of Echo Park. Located in a historic building, Masa is a family-owned bakery and cafe that opened in 2004. Masa is masterful at handling dough. Traditional and vegan deep-dish pizza is offered there, and the latter is as appetite-pleasing as the former. Enjoy your pick of three deep-dish options, and nine bistro-style pizza flavors, or get creative and build your own. For protein alternatives, Masa uses vegan Teese mozzarella, Beyond sausage, and house-made veggie pepperoni. We recommend making a reservation if you plan to dine in; there's a reason why it's considered one of the best vegan pizza places in Los Angeles.  


(213) 989-1558

1800 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Pura Vita in Los Angeles

Pura Vita was made for vegans who miss the taste of authentic Italian. From antipasti to pizza, each menu item is infused with the soul of Italy. Owner and chef Tara Punzone is an Italian American from America's pizza-making capital, New York. She's led a vegan lifestyle since childhood and now serves plant-based versions of her family's traditional dishes at Pura Vita. There are 10 pizza options — half Rossa (tomato sauce), half Bianca (white sauce) — all super-delicious. If you need further convincing, it won five separate "Best Of" awards in 2023. 


(323) 688-2303

8274 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Donna Jean in San Diego

Named the best vegan/vegetarian restaurant of 2023 by San Diego Uptown/Downtown News, Donna Jean deserves a top spot on your list too. Five keywords inspire the food at its two locations: Seasonal, sustainable, plant-based, rustic, and comforting. Owner and chef Roy Elam sources each ingredient from local farms and crafts plant-based food for food lovers, regardless of their dietary lifestyle. Pick between nine pizzas made using fermented whole wheat dough. Cheesy and herbaceous, The Four Horsemen pizza is one of the most popular and includes mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, crushed tomato, pesto, and oregano.


(619) 299-5500

2949 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Evel Pie in Las Vegas

The only thing evil about Las Vegas' Evel Pie is its sinfully good pizza. Inspired by the greatest daredevil in history, Evel Knievel, the pizza served there is no frills, New York-style, and burning with flavor. While the vegan options are few, its satisfied customers are many. Take a break from the roulette table and try one of three whole pies, which are delicious as is, but also can be customized with a slew of ingredient options. Slices are available too; we recommend trying out the jalapeño cilantro ranch.


(702) 840-6460

508 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101


I chose the vegan pizzerias and made the suggestions based on my personal experiences combined with recommendations from close friends, some of whom work in the food industry. I have over a decade of experience engaging in the vegan food scene and picked pizzerias that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary preference. Some locations were selected based on an aggregate of online reviews; the overall score as well as individual reviews were taken into consideration.