How Malaysia's Ramly Burger Became A Culinary Staple

While necessity might be the mother of invention, in the case of the Ramly burger, it was a matter of uncertainty. Though there are many unique burgers around the world, the Ramly burger offers not only egg-wrapped patties but also a story to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us. 

When Muslim butcher Haji Ramly Monki found it difficult to find reliable sources of halal meat sold by Malaysian street vendors, he set out to fix the problem. Monki and his wife set up the Ramly Group and made it their mission to offer halal-certified meat that could be trusted, purchased, and enjoyed on the go. Their humble enterprise blossomed into a multi-million dollar operation, and Ramly patties are now stocked in thousands of street stalls throughout the region. Monki's food business is one of Malaysia's largest, and the reputation of Ramly burgers as fresh, affordable, and high quality has helped cement their place in society.

A Ramly patty isn't just an ordinary slab of meat, however. Before the burger is served, an egg is cracked on top of the patty and wrapped around the cooked meat. Not only does this keep burger juices in a contained eggy parcel, but any added sauces and toppings are also trapped inside the omelet blanket.

A burger this good should be everywhere

What exactly is put on a Ramly burger can be left up to the chef; a typical order will present the flavorful assembly of mayonnaise, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and Maggi seasoning nestled in between toasted hamburger buns. Add lettuce, tomato, and cheese, and you'll be biting into a recipe you wish was served worldwide. To add to the appeal you'll spend less than $2 to experience one of these saucy behemoths. 

When ordering a Ramly burger, toppings such as onions, pickles, shredded cabbage, and cucumber can also be added to the pile of juicy deliciousness. Though the name Ramly burger can designate burgers that are not necessarily used with a Rambly beef patty, it is safe to say that a burger with this title will satisfy whatever cravings got you ordering the meaty monstrosity in the first place. Served with French fries, chips, or onion rings, this combination makes for a meal that can turn any frown into a smile. Consider yourself warned, however: One of these burgers is a dribbling experience that will call for extra napkins.