Your Starbucks Strawberry Drinks Need A Floral Burst Of Lavender Cold Foam

With Starbucks' new seasonal menu items unveiled, we can officially say that spring has sprung. We got the chance to try all of Starbucks' new drink options. And of all the fresh offerings that will be available starting March 7, the floral addition that's blooming with flavorful possibilities is the lavender cold foam. In fact, we can't think of a better way to customize the creamy and fragrant foam than by using it to elevate all sorts of strawberry beverages. 

We'll say it loud and proud: Starbucks' lavender cold foam was made for pairing with strawberry drinks. Visually, the pearly cold foam adds major aesthetic appeal; contrasting against the bright color of berry-forward beverages, the meringue-like mousse provides a stratified layer that wows. But, that's not all. Lavender cold foam also works to boost complexity; along with imparting a velvety richness to typically juicy and fruity drinks, it improves flavor tenfold. 

Adding dimensions of depth, lavender cold foam gives strawberry drinks a more varied (read: palate-pleasing) taste. However, the reason why lavender and strawberry prove to be so complimentary is thanks to their unique flavor profiles. While the duo share attributes of florality and freshness, they also contrast each other in a harmonious way — the sweet jamminess of the berries balances the spiced earthiness of the lavender, and vice versa. The ultimate pairing, it's no wonder that Starbucks' spring-inspired foam makes such a tasty touch to strawberry drinks.

Foam-ify these strawberry drinks

Lavender cold foam can be added to pretty much any of Starbucks' strawberry bevs, but it seems to work best for blended drinks since cold foam won't risk dissolving into them. That said, dreamy Frappuccinos like a fruity Strawberry Crème or its decadent chocolate-covered companion can be a great match for lavender cold foam — just remember to ask for the foam in place of whipped cream. Otherwise, the fresh zing of a Strawberry Lemonade and Frozen Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refresher can also work well against the fragrant spume. 

Alternatively, Starbucks' chilled drinks can be revamped with a dollop of lavender cold foam. Keep in mind, however, that it may melt into these ice cube-laden drinks more quickly, which means you should expect a slight textural change. Nevertheless, the richly nuanced foam can still contribute body and decadence to drinks like a vibrant Strawberry Açaí Refresher, just as much as it can enhance the lusciousness of a Pink Drink. Plus, the floral and frothy topper can even impart a soothingly aromatic edge. 

Although you can't go wrong with sticking to strawberry drinks, berry-based beverages are just the tip of the iceberg. Lavender cold foam can successfully be added to everything from crisp Cold Brew to spiced Iced Chai Tea Lattes. Which drink will you top with lavender cold foam first?