Give Roasted Potatoes A Flavor Boost With Spice-Infused Olive Oil

If you've been infusing oils at home with kitchen scraps, it's time to bring your favorite steeped flavors to your next batch of roasted potatoes. The marriage of herby, seasoned oils with perfectly goldened potatoes is a match made in gastronomic heaven, and the simple recipe couldn't be easier to whip up in a flash. After sinking your teeth into a flavorful potato that is toothy, tasty, and tender to bite, you'll only wish you would have started trying this potato roasting technique sooner

Instead of using your standard go-to cooking oil to bathe prepared potatoes before placing them into a hot oven to cook, reach for the bottles of infused oils you've stashed in your kitchen cupboards. Whether you've used garlic or garden herbs to add new flavor to your favorite edible oils, the extra seasoning will provide a special touch to your roasted spuds, and the ready-to-use addition of infused oil can be layered with fresh herbs and your favorite seasoning blends to create tempting textures of taste that will have you reaching for seconds. With infused oils brought into your potato-roasting game, you won't have to do much to put a delicious dish on the dining room table with the culinary confidence of a professional chef.

Potatoes packed with flavor

Match a homemade Za'atar blend with rosemary-infused canola oil, keep flavors simple yet strong with classic sprinkles of flaky sea salt and garlic-infused safflower oil, or consider upgrading our lemony roasted potatoes recipe with oregano-infused vegetable oil. Oils with a high smoke point can be used to lather up your prepared potatoes before you place them into the oven, or a quick drizzle of infused olive oil swirled onto cooked potatoes can instantly bring more flavor to your prepared dish before you offer servings to your dinner guests.

Don't have infused oil at the ready? Consider using compound butter made with dill, parsley, or chives to lend an equally herby, flavorful punch to the potatoes you plan to accompany your choice of seared proteins or morning egg scramble. Finish your fancy potatoes with a fresh crackle of black pepper or turn up the volume of taste with a flavored salt to make a recipe that will have you craving these extra-seasoned potatoes at every meal.