The Dishes Nancy Silverton Loves Topping Off With A Hard-Boiled Egg - Exclusive

Though it might seem a bit mundane, if you're adding hard-boiled eggs to the right dishes, they offer the perfect touch. After all, you can do a lot more with them than eat them with a sprinkle of salt. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, celebrated chef and egg enthusiast Nancy Silverton shared some of her favorite uses for the ingredient.

When asked how she likes to use them, Silverton said, "Salads! I love to use either a sliced or grated hard-cooked egg in a salad." Adding a hard-boiled egg to a salad is good advice for anyone looking to bulk up the leafy green dish. Pair an egg with shredded meat or a cup of beans for a salad that easily serves as a main course. 

The chef also likes to take advantage of the savory characteristics of hard-boiled eggs by grating them into salads, like the Little Gem Salad at Chi Spacca. This dish features Little Gems, a romaine lettuce variety, topped with an egg that's been grated, rather than poached, as well as herb breadcrumbs and bacon vinaigrette. With their shredded texture, the eggs blend seamlessly into salads, while simultaneously infusing them with umami from the yolks. In addition to following Silverton's tips for making the best hard-boiled eggs, you should chill your eggs before grating for optimal results. This will ensure the egg is firm enough to withstand the pressure from the grater.

How to incorporate eggs as a feature or garnish

Silverton also uses grated hard-boiled eggs in a recipe she often offers at her restaurant, Osteria Mozza. The dish, which she recommended to the Michelin Guide in 2018, features caviar, burrata, chives, parsley, and minced red onion. By finely chopping the herbs and alliums, grating the egg, and including a silky ingredient like caviar, the garnishes come together effortlessly when you take a bite of the dressed burrata.

The egg adds a touch of creaminess to the other textures, without taking over thanks to its fluffy consistency. If you're not totally sold on hard-boiled eggs due to some especially sulfurous examples in your past, this is a great trick for easing your way in. There's no risk of chewing on a rubbery egg white or chalky yolk — the small pieces practically melt in your mouth.

The chef also adds shaved to caviar pizza. Silverton's suggestions might lean toward the luxurious, but we're sure they are still delicious if you skip the caviar pairing. Try grating a cooked egg over a spinach and veggie pizza, or use it to top a classic margherita to give it an extra oomph. Alternatively, transform your pizza into breakfast with bacon and shaved eggs.