Sweeten Up Your Next Turkey Sandwich With A Slather Of Jam

A well-made turkey sandwich always hits the spot. Complete with savory turkey breast, crisp lettuce, and salty cheese, nothing can be better — unless it has a hint of fruity flavor. To sweeten up your next turkey sandwich, spread some jam on it.

If you've ever put a glaze on your roasted turkey after pulling it out of the oven, you know how delicious the poultry becomes when upgraded with some fruity tartness. The sweetness complements turkey's tame taste, bringing out its salty flavor. Although less ornate than roast turkey, a turkey sandwich is just as delicious, made even better with all the fixings that are added in. In her Thanksgiving leftover-inspired sweet and savory club sandwich, recipe developer Michelle McGlinn relies on tangy cranberry jam to balance out the turkey.

Accompanied by candied bacon, the two elevate turkey's mild flavor, which can often be quite one-note. Spread onto each side of the sandwich, the cranberry jam brings a touch of sweetness to each bite without overwhelming it with its flavor. Cranberry works with any addition added to the sandwich — whether you use roasted mushrooms for an umami quality or opt for romaine lettuce instead of spinach, cranberry's brightness matches it all.

Try these jams on your next turkey sandwich

Cranberry jam is a quintessential ingredient to eat with turkey sandwiches, but the meat is the perfect pair to almost any type of fruit jam. Classic concord grape jam offers the same sweetness as cranberry jam, although it's not quite as sour. Spread some concord grape jam onto toasted ciabatta bread and place slices of white turkey breast onto the bread. Add salty pieces of parmesan on top and finish it off with fresh spinach.

For something slightly lighter, try rosemary and pear jam. While the pears deliver a juicy, citrusy sweetness, rosemary balances it out with its woodsy freshness. Add a slather of this herbaceous and sweet topping to toasted wheat bread. Use dark turkey breast for some depth and sprinkle some shredded mozzarella. Finish it off with a peppery tang by adding sliced red onions and arugula on top.

Speaking of onions, the aromatics make a delicious, caramelized jam. Use spring onion jam on your next turkey sandwich for a rich turkey sandwich. Spread the jam onto sourdough bread and add some fig preserves to complement the deep taste. Finish off the sandwich with olive oil-massaged kale and a dash of buttery brie.