Combine Pickle Juice And Tahini For An Easy 2-Ingredient Veggie Dip

Move aside, hummus, there's a new vegetable dip in town. While even simple hummus recipes require a bit of finesse to master both texture and taste, we have the perfect answer for those with lesser culinary proclivities: Mix tahini sauce and leftover pickle juice. If the combination sounds suspicious, trust us on this one. 

The creamy dip offers just enough of a nutty bite that can turn any spread of sliced vegetables and toasted pieces of pita bread into a snack that is difficult to walk away from. The best part? Making this dip couldn't be easier. 

Whisk equal parts of tahini and liquid from a pickle jar. Add more liquid if you prefer a thinner consistency, or go heavier on the tahini if you'd like a creamier texture. Tahini's nuttiness matched with the punchiness of the pickle juice makes for a dressing that feels like a cheat code for healthy eating. After trying this dip once, you may find yourself slathering it onto sandwiches and burger patties or even using drizzles on top of your next rice bowls, favorite salad recipes, and grilled proteins hot off the grill.

Dip so good it shouldn't be this easy

If you don't have leftover pickle juice on hand, reach for another liquid that can provide a similar briny, salty upgrade to your batch of tahini. Apple cider vinegar, citrus juices like lemon or lime, or either red and white vinegars can equally step up to the task. Dress up your inventive tahini concoctions to suit your palate with fresh herbs, extra swirls of olive oil, roasted garlic, or sprinkles of red pepper flakes and paprika. 

For a finishing touch and to offer the dip in an aesthetically pleasing presentation, you can garnish dishes filled with the dip with dustings of toasted sesame seeds or a spoonful of chili crisp swirled into the center of your creations. Whether matched with crusty pieces of French bread or crisp cuts of green peppers, this dip will not disappoint, and you can be well pleased with your resourcefulness in the kitchen.