Survey Shows Super Bowl Viewers Care More About Food Than The Party

When it comes to Super Bowl LVIII, the only thing we're more excited about than the Taylor Swift sightings is (of course) the food — and apparently, we're not the only ones. Even if you're pumped for the football, a recent survey from Frito-Lay revealed that the promise of delectable Super Bowl snacks may determine where viewers are choosing to watch the game (per Potato Pro). According to the survey, three in five people decide which Super Bowl party they'll attend based on the food that will be served. In particular, 74% of parents and 77% of those under 40 years old divulged that game day food is of the utmost importance, and almost half of Americans say that munching on their favorite snacks takes priority over attending big parties. After all, unless you're a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers fan, what's the point of watching the game without some good grub?

If you're hosting this year, don't stress over creating the perfect menu all by yourself. Luckily, the survey also found that 67% of those polled enjoy potlucks for their game day meal, so many of those parents and young people are likely prepared to pitch in. However, you may want to stock up on some extra snacks, even if they're just chips and dip. Frito-Lay also discovered what we knew all along, that one in three viewers considers running out of food to be a major party foul — worse even than talking through the memorable commercials.

Snacks reign supreme

Although potlucks create the Super Bowl party feast of choice, the Frito-Lay survey revealed that over half of game day hosts will start prepping their ultimate spread a week or more ahead of time. That's a long time to get ready for a game that's only a few hours long — but there are a few guidelines you can follow to make your life easier here. Pick recipes that you can make in mass quantities, like dip, chili, and wings. Make good use of your slow cooker throughout the week, so you can whip up these treats without laboring next to your stove. And while we know that quality food is an important party factor to your guests, there's no shame in buying plenty of snacks from the grocery store, and transferring them into bowls and serving platters at home.

For anyone embracing JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) this year, that's even more reason to enjoy treats in the comfort of your own home. After all, you're not alone, as Frito-Lay found out that 81% of those surveyed prefer watching the game in comfy clothes on their own sofa instead of living it up live in Las Vegas where the Super Bowl is taking place this year. We certainly don't blame them.