How Long Does Opened Cranberry Juice Last In The Fridge?

With a gorgeous ruby red color and a sweet yet tangy flavor, cranberry juice can be a great staple to keep around the kitchen. It can be used to add a splash of flavor to so many drinks and dishes, from a classic vodka cranberry cocktail to cozy glazed cranberry bread. That being said, a little bit of this punchy juice can go a very long way, meaning that more often than not you will find yourself with some leftover juice to store away. Join us to learn how long that juice can be expected to last and what you can do to maximize its shelf life.

It is no surprise that a cranberry juice container has a lot of moisture which creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. As such, it is relatively quick to expire. You can expect your cranberry juice to last anywhere from eight to twelve days. Of course, this time frame is only correct if the beverage is stored properly. Most fruit juices follow similar food safety guidelines when it comes to shelf life and storage. Always keep cranberry juice in the refrigerator once you have opened it, ideally in an airtight container such as the bottle or carton it was sold in.

How to tell when cranberry juice has gone bad

Once your cranberry juice is nearing the end of its refrigerated lifespan, it is important to keep an eye out for signs that the juice has spoiled, otherwise you may end up accidentally consuming pathogens that could make you sick. The majority of signals that your juice has expired will be detected through your senses of sight and smell. Examine the liquid for evidence such as a change in color — for example, the juice becoming dark or cloudy. In addition, sniff the leftover juice to see if you can detect any funky or fermented aromas. The presence of any of these traits indicates that it is time to toss the juice.

If you would like to extend the life of your cranberry beyond its standard refrigerated shelf life, we recommend putting it in the freezer. Place the juice in a freezer-safe airtight container, and it will last for up to twelve months. If you have a large amount of juice that you would like to freeze, it is best to portion it out across smaller containers so that you can conveniently access what you need and save the rest. Frozen cranberry juice can easily be thawed and used the same way one would use fresh cranberry juice, or it can be treated like ice cubes and blended to make smoothies, slushies, and frozen cocktails.