The Easiest Way To Upgrade Your Next Vodka Cranberry

There are few cocktails as classic as a vodka cranberry. This drink typically features cranberry juice, vodka, and a lime garnish. Available at almost any bar, it's refreshing and relatively cheap to make or order. The vodka cranberry is a classic for a reason, but if you find yourself growing bored ordering this cocktail the same way every time, consider switching up your vodka flavors to give it a refreshing twist. Going with a citrus-infused vodka is an easy way to customize your drink while still honoring the traditional vodka cranberry flavor.

Flavored vodkas such as orange, lemon, lime, or citrus pair excellently with cranberry juice and limes. Cranberry juice is naturally tart and a little acidic, and flavored vodka complements these tasting notes to create a sour, sweet delight. You can experiment with changing out your garnish to match the vodka's flavor, as well as to create more similar tasting notes. Concerned about the flavor of the vodka overpowering the drink? You can use equal parts flavored vodka and regular vodka for a more subtle flavor. You can find a wide array of flavored vodkas at your local liquor store. So, feel free to get creative with your pairings to concoct a new combo you truly love.

Other flavor combinations to consider

While citrus note vodkas are the easiest flavored vodkas to pair with cranberry juice, you can opt to experiment with more unique flavors. Vanilla vodka paired with cranberry juice draws out the sweetness of the juice and gives your cocktail a comforting spiced aroma. This flavor combination is perfect for bringing the vodka cranberry into the holiday season and providing a festive twist. Another seasonal twist on the vodka cranberry is to use cherry vodka to give your cocktail a dark, moody color perfect for Halloween. The cherry flavor has the same sour and sweet qualities as the cranberry juice, which makes for an ideal pairing.

When thinking of what other flavor combinations to go with the cranberry juice, consider additional flavors associated seasonally with cranberries. Cranberries are in season during autumn, so choosing other autumn flavors can complement the cranberry juice effortlessly. These would include flavored vodkas such as apple, pear, grape, and pomegranate. If you don't want to drop a ton of money collecting different flavors of vodka, you can always attempt to make your own infused vodkas at home. This gives you complete creative freedom to try as many flavors as you please.