Use Bulleit Bourbon To Give Desserts Complexity And Intense, Spicy Flavors

Usually, the success of a party comes down to just two things: the food and the booze. The exciting news is that if you're planning a big bash this weekend, you can combine the two! People have been spiking desserts with alcohol for ages, not for the buzz, but for the lovely flavors it brings. If the dessert you're planning to make needs something intense and complex to jack up its flavor, Bulleit bourbon is the perfect spirit for the job.

What sets Bulleit bourbon apart is its rich rye content, which gives it a wonderfully spicy flavor. According to Ashleigh Cain from Whiskey Rocks, a sip of Bulleit may be a bit intense for newcomers because of its bold, in-your-face spiciness commingling with the oaky sweetness of the barrel. But as you savor it, you'll also notice hints of sweet caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, as well, with a finish of toffee and cherry. But the spiciness stays with you even after you've drank it down. This spice-forward quality makes Bulleit an excellent choice for baking desserts that should ideally have a robust-tasting flavor profile.

Dessert ideas to test out Bulleit bourbon (and some alternatives to Bulleit!)

If you have a bottle of Bulleit on the shelf right now, you can add it to any bourbon-infused dessert. But to get the most out of this high-rye bourbon, it's best to incorporate it into something that's bold-tasting like a spice cake. This autumn favorite is loaded with intense spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice. Adding a touch of Bulleit, with its strong punch, will take the flavor of this treat to a whole new level. 

Bulleit is also a good bourbon to turn to if you wish to improve a dessert that, on its own, may taste a little bland. Take, for example, Kentucky butter cakes. Bulleit bourbon can cut through the rich butteriness and impart a lovely caramel flavor to the cake. And if you're concerned about serving it to kids, don't worry; during the 60-minute stint in the oven, most of the alcohol will have largely cooked off, leaving just a tasty cake for the entire family to enjoy.

If Bulleit Bourbon isn't your cup of tea or you're looking for alternatives, there are plenty of options. High-rye bourbons like Old Grand-Dad (27% rye), Four Roses (20 to 35%), and Wild Turkey (13%) will also give whatever dessert you add them to a similar kick.