Ice Cream Topped Pie May Be The Perfect Bourbon Tasting Dessert

If you're hosting a bourbon tasting night, want to plan an exciting date night, or just want a nice night in for yourself, then you may be on the hunt for unique ways to present bourbon. While you could just prepare the bourbon in glasses for a typical tasting, it would be more fun and memorable to integrate other exciting elements into the mix, such as dessert.

As it turns out, bourbon pairs exceptionally well with desserts that have high-fat content, such as ice cream and pie. Since ice cream and pie already go so well together as a duo, you may as well combine them to pair with your bourbon tasting. We highly recommend pouring bourbon over ice cream-topped pie for a decadent and rich dessert that provides an abundance of sweetness while showing off the intense and delicious flavors that bourbon has to offer. Trust us, it will make for a memorable bourbon tasting — one that you'll be ready to repeat again soon.

The best types of ice cream and pie to pair with bourbon

Now that we've got you on board with pouring bourbon over ice cream and pie, it's time to discuss the best options for each type of dessert to complement the spirit. Firstly, when it comes to ice cream, your best bet will be vanilla. You don't want to distract from the bourbon with a more complex flavor — like cookies and cream or mint chocolate chip — and risk mixing flavors that don't complement each other. Specifically, you'll want to go for a high-quality vanilla ice cream that uses real vanilla extract to ensure that the rich vanilla flavor really shines through in the final concoction.

As for the pie, bourbon pairs well with fruit pies, such as peach or apple, as well as pumpkin and pecan pie, all of which provide a sweetness that complements the full-bodied profile of most bourbons. In fact, the flavors of pecan pie in particular align so much with bourbon that the spirit is often included in pecan pie recipes to begin with. So, pouring bourbon over vanilla ice cream-topped pecan pie just might be the perfect place to start.