The Type Of Wine You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It goes without saying, but wine preferences can be incredibly personal — and a lot goes into determining how dry or sweet, acidic or tannic, and oaky, fruity, or floral any one bottle is. There are thousands of grape varieties in the world and even more types of wine made from them. From the deep flavors of syrah to the fun, fruity Beaujolais, the citrusy sauvignon blanc to the floral riesling, you can't judge a wine based on color alone. There's no telling how a wine tastes until you take a sip for yourself, and you should never judge a wine off of its label. You can, however, judge it based on your zodiac sign.

The wine you drink can say a lot about you — even if it's one of the 32 classics. Just like zodiac signs, each wine has its stereotypes. A tannic wine could be read as serious, while a sweet one seen as friendly; and a bubbly wine could be thought of as silly, and a floral as sensitive. But, rather than looking at any singular characteristic of any of the twelve zodiac signs, the way to fully understand and appreciate them is to look at them in their entirety. This approach allows you to appreciate their complexity, and the same can be said for the type of wine each sign would be, which only goes to show we all have more in common than we might think.

Aries: cabernet sauvignon

Aries starts off the zodiac calendar on a fiery note. Bold, ambitious, and notoriously hot-headed, it's not surprising that this sign comes first. Besides their short tempers, one of the most prominent characteristics of Aries is that they're competitive. While this does make them driven and daring, it can also lead to some hard-learned lessons. Like the rams that represent them, Aries tend to go into things head-first, without always considering the potential outcomes. Fortunately, the type of wine we've assigned to this sign almost always tastes good. That's because, being the most popular wine, it's arguably the best — even if you buy it from Costco.

If Aries were any type of wine, they'd be a cabernet sauvignon. That's because, not only is it the most popular grown grape varietal around the globe, but when compared to another wine that rivals it, cabernet sauvignon is described as stronger and fuller-flavored. Like Aries, these wines are full-bodied. They're also made from grapes with a thick skin — something you'll need should you ever catch this sign on a bad day. With aromatic notes of chocolate, ripe jammy berries, oak, earth, violets, blackcurrant, and cedar, along with pepper and spice, cabernet is big and bold, just like Aries.

Taurus: Chianti

Being the first earth sign of the zodiac, and the fact that they're represented by the bull, it makes sense why Taurus is known for being stubborn. In fact, moving a bull or a boulder would probably be easier than trying to convince those of this sign of something. But, there's another, more positive, side to Taurus' stubbornness — and that's the stability they provide. Taurus values consistency and reliability above all else. Of all the signs, they're the most likely to thrive in daily routines and weekly schedules, which, if they're determining them, will undoubtedly include just as much self-care as it does work. These signs prioritize their me-time, and that's directly correspondent to their chilled, levelheaded nature, and ability to show up consistently in their friendships and relationships.

All that being said, this sign's wine would obviously have to be one that's as consistent and reliable as they are — and, knowing that, it's no surprise that it's one of the most popular Italian wines out there (nor that it's one of the 15 wines to explore in Italy). That's why, if Taurus were any type of wine, they'd be a Chianti. Compared to a cabernet, another wine that's said to be the most popular, Chianti is known for being lighter, meaning they're less acidic and contain fewer tannins. They're not too bold, rich, or robust, and instead appeal to those who appreciate something smooth and stable.

Gemini: Champagne

Often unfairly labeled as two-faced, many people tend to judge Gemini too quickly, or downright write them off entirely. While, yes, this sign is represented by twins, the truth is that it's because, with their wide variety of friend groups and hobbies, these signs could really use a clone. Bubbly, conversational, and curious, Gemini effortlessly bounces around rooms, chatting and gossiping with even the most unexpected people. Similarly, their weekends are spent bouncing around from one party or social event to the next. Their FOMO means they hardly stay in one place very long, but if there's one thing that might convince them to stick around, it's a bottle of the exact type of wine that they'd be: Champagne.

Bubbly, sweet, light, sparkling, and airy, every type of Champagne has the elements that make up this dynamic sign — and, just like Gemini, the party hasn't really started until it's there. Whether it's shaken and sprayed or professionally popped and poured, nothing says "It's a celebration" like a glass — or bottle — of bubbly. That's ought to keep Gemini around just long enough to share and receive all of the juicy gossip they love.

Cancer: moscato

While it may not be apparent when you first meet them, Cancers are soft, sensitive people. Just like the crabs that represent them, however, this sign tends to hide behind a hard shell. At first, they may come off as cold, distant, or even comical. But with time, their walls come down and you'll see them for who they really are. In fact, because they're so empathic, Cancer's moods are easily impacted by their environments and the people around them. So, rather than being out socializing, this sign often prefers to stay within the cozy comforts of their own homes. No sign values comfort more than Cancer, and for that reason, the type of wine they'd be is also a comfort food.

If the Cancer were any type of wine, they'd be one of the dessert variety, specifically, moscato. This wine is light and sweet — just like them — and it's often recommended to beginner wine drinkers who, like this sign, may not have the palette for drier, more acidic wines. Just like getting to know a Cancer, moscatos are a go-to wine if you're easing into becoming a wine lover. Over time, you'll get to know more and more about wine and wine tasting.

Leo: rosé

Leos are the summer babies of the zodiac, and it shows. This sign is known for their big personalities. Ruled by the sun, they're often guilty of acting as if the world revolves around them — but no one can deny how infectious their passion for living their lives to the fullest truly is. Born between late July and late August, Leo truly encapsulate what it means to live your best life, and during the summer, there's only one type wine of that does that same. That's right, if this sign were any type of wine on the menu, they'd be a rosé.

"Rosé all day" is a saying this sign is sure to get behind. When you think of rosé, sunny rooftops, sparkling pools, ocean views, and boats are all things that come to mind. Should you be spending a summer day with a Leo, you can almost guarantee that any one of these scenarios is in store for you, and a bottle of rosé is sure to make an appearance, too. You see, rosé isn't just a pink summery drink, it's a lifestyle, and one that's in line with the Leo's love for romanticizing their lives. The best part is that — ranging from fruity to floral and sweet to dry — there is a rosé wine that can suit any taste preference or food pairing. So, break out the charcuterie and light up the BBQ, because, with a summer rosé cheat sheet, you're in for the best summer yet.

Virgo: sauvignon blanc

Practical and analytical, it's no surprise that Virgo happens to be among the most productive of all the signs. In fact, if you ever need something done, this sign is the one to ask. Virgo's obsession with perfection, combined with the sheer satisfaction they feel with crossing things off of their to-do lists, means that they won't only get the task done on time, they'll get it done right. Given their taste for precision, timeliness, and execution, the type of wine this sign would be is one that also gets it right, which is why they'd be none other than sauvignon blanc.

Light and bright, with a balance of crisp citrus and earthy herb notes, no wine quite encapsulates Virgo's eye for precision and detail like a glass of sauvignon blanc. This wine is refreshing and easy to identify thanks to its signature flavors of crisp and grassy or fruity and tropical, however, no matter what end of the spectrum a sauvignon blanc leans towards, it always tastes just right. Made from green-skinned grapes, just like the Virgo, these wines flourish in a wide range of environments — making them one of the best wines for cooking, and drinking.

Libra: pinot grigio

Represented by the scale, Libras are known for their special eye for symmetry. It's what makes them such talented decorators, stylists, and art curators. However, this appreciation for balance isn't only expressed aesthetically, but in every other aspect of their lives, too. Libra seeks balance and harmony in everything from their relationships to their careers, and from their health to their hobbies. Just like wine, which is made up from a balance of acid, tannins, sugars, and alcohol, Libra is at its best when every element is working together and in harmony. Which is why, if Libra were any type of wine, they wouldn't just be one that you'd call "balanced," but rather the most balanced of all.

Now, balance isn't a characteristic that is unique to any one type of wine. In fact, when crafted intentionally, balance is something any wine can illustrate — no matter if it's red, white, or pink. Like this sign's taste in art, the meaning of balance when it comes to wine is abstract. In fact, the factors that determine whether a wine is balanced can change from person to person. But, there's one type of wine where that's particularly so, and that would be pinot grigio. Smooth, elegant, and white — which they'll be happy to find eliminates the worry of staining any of their expensive furniture or clothing — pinot grigio is the ideal sweet, fruity, and well-balanced wine for this sign.

Scorpio: chardonnay

Known for their mystery, it's no surprise that Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Part of that is because, depending on what mood they wake up in on the day you meet them, you can have a completely different impression of them. Scorpio is passionate and intense, and their feelings — whether positive or negative — are hardly ever timid. The thing is, though, unless you've magically broken through their innate fear of vulnerability, you'll rarely ever know how they're feeling. They won't lie, per se, but they will dance around the truth in to maintain their power. That being said, you may assume that this sign's type of wine would be a red one. But, nope — it's chardonnay.

Notorious night owls and full of passion, a red wine is likely the first type you'd think of for this sign — but that only goes to show how misunderstood they are. Deep down, Scorpios are incredibly sensitive, loving, and caring people who just want someone they can trust enough to open up to. That's why the type of wine they'd be is a chardonnay, because it's what Scorpio is to the zodiac, but in the wine world. Even among professional wine tasters, chardonnay is thought to be the most misunderstood. Unlike most white wines, which are assumed to be crisp and fresh, chardonnay is heavy and opulent, often with creamy, buttery flavors. Fortunately, there's a guide with everything you need to know about chardonnay

Sagittarius: red blend

It's no secret that Sagittariuses are adventurers. Represented by the archer, this fire sign fearlessly explores the unknown. Whether it be a backpacking trip through Asia, a move across the country, a yoga retreat, or a new career opportunity, this sign seeks out and embraces every opportunity or life change as a chance to expand their understanding of the world. Even when things don't go as they're supposed to, Sagittarius has a way of seeing the silver lining in any and all situations. It's this innate positivity and openness that makes them the best people to travel with, and that's exactly why the type of wine they'd be is one that's worth traveling for.

When it comes to wine tourism, few locations rival that of Napa Valley, California. However, aside from the chardonnays and cabernet sauvignons that the region is most famous for, the type of wine that Sagittarius would be is one that encapsulates their adventurous spirit: a red blend. Blended wines of many kinds are a rising trend in Napa Valley, and if Sagittarius were any blend specifically, they would be a blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot, also known as a sauvignon merlot. Bringing together two of the world's most loved grape varieties, these blends are chocolatey, rich, fruity, and tannic, with aromas of cedar, oak, and spice along with coconut and vanilla.

Capricorn: malbec

Represented by the mountain goat, it's pretty obvious that Capricorns were born to climb. Known for their determination and perseverance, Capricorn never loses sight of their big-picture goals. They'll play the long game to get to where they're going, and, knowing them, they'll settle for nothing short than the very top. That's why, if Capricorn were any type of wine, they'd be one that's known as a high-altitude variety. Not only does the altitude give grapes a thick skin — something that Capricorns can relate to — but it also poses extra effort on the grower's part. The good news is that elevation impacts the flavor of wine in a good way, and in no wine is that more evident than with malbec.

Like Capricorn, malbecs love high altitudes. As is shown in the example of the Argentinian malbec, which is grown in the Andes Mountains, the wine thrives in the pure sunlight and lower temperatures that high altitudes provide. Grown anywhere from 3,000 feet to 5,500 feet elevation, malbec grapes grown at a higher altitude ripen slowly, giving them the time necessary for developing higher levels of acidity and stronger tannic structures. So, while it may take more time and effort on the grower's part, the finished product is better in the long run. That's something this hard-working, resilient sign can certainly relate to, and appreciate.

Aquarius: orange wine

Known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquarius is always looking for ways to better the world. It goes hand in hand with their reputation for being trendsetters, too. This sign is attracted to anything and everything that challenges stereotypes — from people to ideas, clothes to hobbies. It's almost like they're intentionally different, but it's only because of their desire to be completely free-thinking, and therefore avoid any biases in their ideas. Considering that, it only makes sense that Aquarius' type of wine be as norm-defying, unique, and effortlessly trend-setting as they are. That's why, if this sign were any type of wine, they'd be an orange wine.

Much like Aquarius, which, despite the "aqua" in its name, is actually an air sign, orange wines don't actually contain any oranges. Rather, they're what's known as a skin contact wine, meaning they're made from pure grapes that have retained their skins. In this way, they're essentially a reverse rosé. Forget the concept of red versus white, because with orange wine, you get the best of both worlds. These wines are crisp and acidic like white wines, while retaining all of the savory nuances characteristic of red wines. They're fruity, floral, and savory, and they're easily paired with foods. Like Aquarius, orange wines bridge the preferences of red and white drinkers, creating a variety that's all its own.

Pisces: white blend

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the zodiac sign that is the most associated with mysticism and wonder. It is said that Pisces inherits all of the wisdom and life experiences of the signs that come before them, making these water signs especially intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate. These signs have an innate ability to connect with just about anyone, however, their imaginative nature means that their attention is often split between fantasy and reality. Pisces seek out experiences that invoke their senses and spark their creativity and wonder — and a wine tasting will do just that. If Pisces were any wine, they'd be one that encapsulates both their dreamy and indulgent side, and no wine does that better than a white blend.

With its complexity of aromas and flavors, one could argue that any type of wine could satisfy Pisces' craving for sensory experiences. A white blend, however, takes it a step further. Containing grapes from several different varietals, white blend wines will encourage Pisces to take in and take notice of all of the various aromas and flavors of each. Not to mention, being blends, these wines allow winemakers to pick and choose characteristics of one grape varietal and match them with another to create something unimaginable. In turn, white blends are indicative of Pisces' creative and artistic nature, allowing them to explore and express their imaginations.