Your Summer Rosé Cheat Sheet

5 refreshing rosés you need to try this summer

Raise that chilled, pink glass with pride: Rosé is having a moment. Er, a season is more like it. This sometimes-sweet, sometimes-dry, always-refreshing wine is the choice of weekenders everywhere, and we're not complaining. On a scorching hot day in New York City, we can't think of anything we'd rather be doing than sipping crisp pink wine on a boat (or in a park, or on the beach, or really anywhere).

Fantasies aside, summer truly is prime time for rosé. Endlessly in search of the perfect bottle to crack open after a long workweek, we ask the experts for help. These five influential bloggers and Instagrammers answer the call, sharing with us the bottles they love and the dishes they love to pair them with.

So the next time you ditch work for a happy hour break, consider this your summer rosé cheat sheet.

① Garbó Rosé: Ferrer Family Wines

"Being a fan of Spanish wines, we love this rosé, because it has great subtle flavor. It's not too strong or overbearing, so it's easy to pair with multiple dishes and enjoy more than just a single glass.

We love pairing it with a summery pasta dish, like a linguine tossed with olive oil and lemon, topped with edible flowers. Simple, easy and totally relaxing after a long day of work." Breann Chiero and Christian Medice (@hungryhipsters)


② Champagne Paul Goerg

"I had this on a whim (it can be a bit pricey), but the flavors were awesome and a sparkling rosé is my go-to for the summer. This one blew my mind. It's great to celebrate with!

This bottle pairs well with French fare, but I would have it with anything, like a salad, a fish dish, small bites—anytime, really."  —Michelle Williams (@coffeeandchampagne)


③ Wolffer Dry Rosé Cider

"Wolffer is super light and incredibly crisp, which I find very refreshing. It's the perfect thirst quencher when I don't really feel like water or tea.

I love it with a dozen Hama Hama oysters. Who says you can't have oysters with rosé?" Marisel Salazar (@breadbutternyc)

④ Champagne Armand de Brignac Rosé Cuvée

"Creating an extravagant picnic in Central Park or on the beach in the Hamptons is one of my specialties, and this rosé makes it extra special and delicious.

It's very versatile and can pair well with many foods, but I love it with charcuterie, duck-fat fries or filet mignon tips." Alexandra Romanoff (@onemoredish)


⑤ Bedrock Wine Co. 'Ode to Lulu' Rosé

"This bottle is my go-to, because it's not too sweet. I tend to be more partial to drier wines, and this rosé is light, refreshing and crisp. It doesn't leave me with headaches like some other rosés might!

I love pairing it with lighter meals, such as grilled salmon or a salad. One of my favorite pairings is this summer salad of dried blueberries, baby spinach, candied pecans and an apple cider vinaigrette." Nikki Vargas (@pinthemapproject)