Make Your Sandwich On Pickle Juice Bread For Tangy Flavor In Every Bite

Pickle lovers, rejoice — there's a new way to consume your favorite briny snacks that you probably haven't thought of. We already love pickle martinis, pickle popsicles, and pickle butter, but if you want to use these fruits to upgrade your weekday lunches, you'll want to try pickle juice bread.

As complicated as it may sound, this type of bread isn't that difficult to make. Here's the secret: Use warm pickle juice instead of water when activating the yeast. The rest of the ingredients are fairly standard for a loaf of bread, including salt, sugar, olive oil, two types of flour, and chopped dill pickles. Basic pickle bread recipes will just include chunks of the vinegary fruits, and while they may produce delicious loaves, your experience with the flavor will be limited to certain sections. But, when you infuse the juice throughout the entire loaf, you get bursts of pickle-y goodness in every single bite. So, if you were planning on tossing out the jar after eating all of the pickles inside, make sure to save it so you can use the juice for deliciously briny bread.

How to use pickle juice bread

Between the chunks of dill pickles and the infused juice throughout, this bread will be bursting with briny flavor. The type of sandwich you make with it and the ingredients you use all depend on how strong your devotion to pickles truly is. If you love them, feel free to also include pickles like you normally would, perhaps in a classic turkey or ham sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and tomato. For the true pickle aficionados, try using this bread to make a British cheese and pickle sandwich with cheddar, or the unique peanut butter and pickle sandwich. You can also use these slices to make a hot sandwich, like a Cuban or a grilled cheese.

Of course, there's no reason you have to actually include pickles in your sandwich, given that the bread is infused with the flavor already. If you'd just like to add a more subtle briny taste to your lunch, these slices would taste delicious around a green goddess loaded sprouts and avocado, as well as a tuna or pastrami sandwich. So, whether you love your food doused in vinegary flavors or you just want to upgrade your sandwich's slices, you can't go wrong making pickle juice bread.