Your Macarons Will Be Irresistible With A Soft Cheese Filling

Though macarons are often made with sweet fillings of buttercream or ganache, these delightful French cookie sandwiches can also be used to envelop whippy blends of mascarpone, goat, ricotta, and cream cheese. Using a cheese-based mixture can help balance some of the sweetness these delicate dessert cookies are known for, as well as open them up to a range of equally tempting savory options. 

With a cheesy filling, your colorful plates of macarons can make an early appearance at your party, arriving on trays alongside the unique hors d'oeuvres you've prepared for your guests. Whether you decide to combine beets and goat cheese to pipe creamy filling between savory shells, invite fresh herbs into mixtures of gorgonzola, or match bacon-encrusted cookies with fillings made with cheddar cheese, your creative culinary undertakings — perfect for after-dinner treats or an afternoon pick-me-up — are sure to surprise and delight the party-goers in your home. 

Opening up to macaron-making possibilities

When creating unconventional macaron flavors, consider the ingredients that go well with soft, creamy cheeses. Your favorite food and snack pairings can serve as a compass in your kitchen as you look to make unique flavors for more whimsical recipes. Needing inspiration? Visit your local bagel shop and take note of the flavors of cream cheeses to guide your macaron-making experimentations. From garlic to almonds to sweeter fruits and darker chocolates, the recipe of your dreams is waiting to be served.

Incorporating creamy cheeses into the fillings to make macarons couldn't be easier. Simply whisk your choice of sweeteners, egg whites, butter, and a luxurious cheese to build a decadent mixture that can be squeezed between cookie layers. Your macaron fillings can be flavored with jams, spices, fruit, vanilla beans, or warming seasonings for a spicer taste. Making macarons is not the easiest recipe to master, but once your palate has been opened to the world of such sweet-and-savory recipes, your macaron-making attempts may forever be changed, as this is an experiment worth trying more than once.