Pair Roasted Beets With Soft Cheeses For A Tasty Accompaniment To Dinner

Beets have gone from the strangely red vegetable we once avoided as kids to the jewel-toned gem we can't get enough of. Whether simmered or steamed, their earthy, sweet flavor shines through. However, the root vegetables taste best when roasted and caramelized in the steady heat of the oven. To make your roasted beets taste even more incredible, pair them with soft cheeses.

The combination of beets and mild cheese is a time-old staple, served in Greek salads at pretty much any Mediterranean establishment you may frequent. Sliced beets and crumbled feta are plated with lettuce, olives, and cucumbers and eaten with everything from chicken gyros to lamb shawarma. That earthy, bittersweet taste contrasts deliciously with the tart, salty flavors of feta or goat cheese. While both ingredients possess their own unique flavors, they lean mild in nature, never overpowering the other.

Something mellow like goat cheese or camembert complements beets whereas a sharp block of cheddar or matured Gouda tastes entirely too pungent. Whether tossed with honey after cooking or baked together, beets and cheese mesh well, like in this beetroot and goat cheese tart. Tied together with honey, balsamic vinegar, and toasted walnuts, the savory tart can be eaten during any meal of the day.

Pair roasted beets with these soft cheeses

Create a one pot meal by adding beets and cut blocks of feta to a baking dish. Accompanied by cherry tomatoes and Brussels sprouts, the sweet, earthy, and tangy flavors can be enhanced with a drizzle of honey and olive oil. You can also add flakes of sea salt and black pepper to this rich, melodic meal. While feta doesn't melt, it will soften considerably, creating a creamy spread that can be eaten with rich cherry tomatoes, delicate beets, and a savory roast leg of lamb.

Lean into savory desserts by making a Brie and beet tart. Great for dinner parties or post-supper snacks, the tart is ideal for any occasion. Creamy, buttery Brie melts into the sweet beets, adorned by toasted walnuts or slivered almonds. Drizzle honey and balsamic vinegar on top for a syrupy, tangy twist. Then, press twigs of thyme and rosemary into the puff pastry, delivering a woodsy finish to the tart.

For something more casual, top pizza with a salad. Spread ricotta on the pizza dough and place sliced beets and slivers of red onions on the ricotta. Then, sprinkle goat cheese before baking everything in the oven until the beets and onions are caramelized. Finally, place peppery leaves of arugula on top and finish it off with pecans and a splash of a herby lemon vinaigrette.