Bring Blue Cheese And Ranch Together For A Better Chicken Wing Dipping Sauce

The secret to fantastic chicken wings often lies in the sauce. Luckily, there are plenty of dipping sauce options to choose from, and today we're talking about two favorites: blue cheese and ranch. Normally, whenever these two are mentioned, they're usually discussed separately. But here's a thought: Why settle for one when you can have both in a single, incredible-tasting chicken wing dipping sauce?

Blue cheese is a prized dipping sauce for chicken wings because of its bold, salty, and slightly pungent flavor. It also brings a rich and creamy texture to the table, thanks to those delightful chunks of blue cheese. On the other hand, ranch dip is loved for its savory, herby, and slightly sweet profile, making it a favorite among those who prefer milder-tasting wings without too much heat.

When you combine these two flavors, you get a sauce that brings out the best of both worlds: The creamy richness of blue cheese with the herbal and sweet hints of ranch. It's not only more complex and flavorful than either sauce on its own, but it's also versatile enough to use with salads and veggies.

Making a blue cheese-ranch dip (and the upgraded version)

Whipping up a basic blue cheese ranch dip is pretty simple. Just grab half a cup of ranch mix and a quarter cup of crumbled blue cheese. Pop them into a food processor, blend until they turn into a creamy sauce, and you're ready to roll. Grab some fresh chicken wings, give them a good dunk in the sauce, and take a bite.

If you end up loving how the basic recipe tastes, you can kick it up a notch in the next batch. Add 2 cups of sour cream to the mix in the food processor to create a creamy base. This not only adds a tangy kick but also thickens the dip, making it stick to the chicken wings better instead of running off. After the sour cream, you can add an ounce of ranch dip mix and a quarter cup of crumbled blue cheese as usual. Adjust the proportions according to your taste. For a stronger cheese flavor, toss in an extra quarter cup of cheese (reduce if you want a milder sauce). Blend everything until it forms a rich and creamy sauce.

As a final touch, chop up two to three green onions and sprinkle them on top for garnish. The sharpness of the onions complements the rich blue cheese and herbal ranch flavors wonderfully. Let the dip sit on your countertop for thirty minutes to an hour, then serve it alongside piping hot chicken wings.