French Toast Makes The Perfect Vessel For A Sweet And Savory Breakfast Sandwich

It's hard to beat having a breakfast sandwich first thing in the morning. It's packed with protein and carbohydrates to fill you up, and with the right combination of bread and filling, it can be incredibly delicious. In fact, to add a complementary sweetness to your savory breakfast sandwich, you can use another popular breakfast item to build it.

French toast has the structure you need to hold a hearty breakfast sandwich together. Made with either thickly sliced or dense bread and with a crispy crust protecting the spongy softness inside, it's the perfect vessel for your breakfast meats, cheeses, and condiments. The egg-and-milk batter, which becomes a binding agent as you fry your French toast, lends a creaminess to your sandwich, and you can adjust its sweetness through the amount of sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon you add to it. You can even take your French toast to the next level by using melted ice cream as your batter. It's also economical since you can transform a slightly stale loaf rather than throwing it out.

Thanks to its play of textures and its delightful combination of sweetness, saltiness, and richness, French toast can make your favorite fillings taste more gourmet than usual. Assemble a simple breakfast sandwich using ready-made pesto, omelet, cheese, and juicy slices of tomatoes or strawberries. Close it with a second slice of French toast and then slather some kaya jam on top so you also get a boost of mild, nutty sweetness with every bite.

Fill your sandwich without it turning soggy

Using the right type of bread for French toast is key to achieving that pleasingly crunchy crust, which is what holds the structural integrity of your breakfast sandwich. A dense white bread allows you to experiment with various combinations of fillings. Build your sandwich with meat and assorted condiments, and rest easy knowing that the French toast won't turn soggy from heat and moisture. For example, you can melt your choice of cheese by laying its slices on top of your fluffy scrambled eggs while they're still in the pan. Once they're layered with other fillings, you'll enjoy the contrast between their savory gooeyness against the buttery crunch of the bread. For a twist to the classic bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, spread some jam on the toast so its fruity acidity enhances the blend of sweet and savory flavors. Try this with a ham or sausage breakfast sandwich, too, and taste the difference it makes.

Leftover chicken and seafood also taste great sandwiched between slices of warm French toast. For something different and briny, perhaps for a lunchtime bite, layer tinned sardines with fresh arugula or lettuce, pickled shallots, and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Avocado slices can also serve as fatty pillows for the sardines. Drizzle some lemon juice on the fish, too, to make its taste pop. Enjoy the punch of flavors and the freshness from the greens, all cushioned between the bread's fluffiness and subtle sweetness.