The Best Types Of Bread For French Toast

French toast is a sweet treat made in many variations. In France, the popular breakfast meal is called "pain perdu," which means "lost bread." Originally, French toast was made with stale pieces of bread to prevent bread waste. While we generally don't wait until bread becomes stale to make French toast, the type of bread used matters. Beyond basic white and wheat bread, there are flavorful loaves that make a mean French toast.

All Recipes say to consider the bread's sturdiness, slight staleness, and flavor when selecting a loaf of bread. The bread should be able to withstand a few dunks into the wet egg mixture without falling apart, and sturdy, day-old bread can do that. The outlet also recommends using quality ingredients when making the dish. Choose a special loaf of bread and toppings such as various fruits, chocolate chips, whipped cream, syrup or jams to elevate your unique recipe.

Classic bread is a great choice

Alton Brown recommends using challah, country loaf or brioche bread to make his French toast recipe. According to The Kitchn, challah bread has a pillowy-soft interior and a subtly sweet flavor. It is a simple bread consisting of eggs, oil, and sugar and is often used for bread pudding. Challah bread is often recognized for its artfully braided exterior.

Country loaf usually has a thicker crust and texture than other bread (via Bon Appétit). Its texture lies between a baguette and whole grain loaf, with the interior being softer than its exterior. Two Cups Flour says the bread is stretched instead of kneaded, which gives the country loaf its moist, flavorful center. Food Network chef Marc Murphy's recipe for Pain Perdu calls for country bread and homemade vanilla sugar. 

Brioche is a sweet, soft, rich French bread used in savory dishes (via St. Pierre Bakery). Its golden exterior, ultra-soft texture, and rich taste are classic for this enriched loaf. St Pierre Bakery claims that brioche bread is versatile and tastes delicious on everything from burgers to sandwiches to French toast. PopSugar says chef Robert Irvine includes brioche in his recipe for French toast.

Flavored bread and fun French toast combos

Classic loaves of bread are great for creating the ultimate French toast, but what about flavored bread? These types of bread work well for the dish also. All Recipes lists a French toast recipe that calls for banana bread. The recipe is constructed like classic French toast, except banana bread is used instead of a traditional style loaf. This dish can be elevated with slices of fresh banana and a dusting of powdered sugar for a tasty twist.

Cinnamon raisin bread is another bread that works well for French toast. For The Love Of Cooking lists a recipe that turns the breakfast dish into something special by only changing, you guessed it, the bread. Top it off with maple syrup and melty butter for a rich, satisfying meal.

French toast is a dish that's versatile and offers an array of bread options. Spoon University lists many unique recipe combos for French toast. A few include Apple Cinnamon Waffle French toast, S'mores French toast, and Red Velvet French toast.

Next time you make pain perdu, elevate the dish with slices of your favorite special bread. Bon appétit!