Ranch Seasoning And Puff Pastry Are All You Need For Tangy, Herby Pinwheels

By flavoring puff pastries with ranch seasoning, you can be on your way to creating aesthetically pleasing treats that can look great on a grazing table or served as a side dish. Though the spiral designs may look impressive, the process of making flavorful, flaky pastries couldn't be easier.  

You don't need much to pull delicious dishes out of your oven, and this two-ingredient recipe proves it. Beloved ranch seasoning layered between golden, flaky sheets of dough is a one-two combination that can hold its own at the dinner table. Simply dust thawed pastry sheets with the ranch powder you've tucked away in your pantry, and roll the pieces like the pastry version of fruit roll-ups before placing them onto a sheet to bake. The salty, tangy taste of the ranch powder matched with the buttery, doughy pieces of flaky puff pastry creates a dish that won't be easily set back down onto plates.

An easy recipe for effortless hosting

While you can make your own ranch seasoning from scratch, don't be shy about using store-bought varieties. If you have extra time and would like to expand upon the basic two-ingredient recipe, consider adding extra herbs and spices to the pastries, or sprinkle your pastry pinwheels with shredded cheeses like parmesan or Swiss to melt in the oven. Pieces of sliced meat can be rolled up in the ranch-enhanced pinwheels to suit the hungry carnivores waiting at your dining room table, or layers of pesto spread can be smoothed over the pastry before rolling up each pinwheel to place into the oven.

Enhance your warm baked pastry creations with garnishes of flaky sea salt or chopped chives and serve with the dipping sauces of your choosing: Ranch dressing for those who can't get enough of the tangy, creamy flavor or herby olive oil infusions for an added boost of flavor. With a recipe this easy to make, you'll be wondering why you didn't start serving these delicious treats to your guests sooner.