The Pizza Cutter Hack For Simple Chopped Salad Right In The Bowl

Chopped salads are delicious to eat, but often require a lot of work to make. It takes a lot of prep work and some skills with a knife to finely and uniformly chop lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, hardboiled eggs, chicken, cheese, and whatever else your taste buds are craving. Luckily, if you have a bowl and a pizza cutter, the time commitment to make a chopped salad decreases significantly. This kitchen tool — which seems like it may only have one use — is about to become a salad lover's best friend. 

Simply toss the ingredients for your chopped salad into a bowl and run your pizza cutter through all the soft and crunchy veggies until they are chopped to your preferred size. You may encounter a little resistance with your proteins depending on whether you are using whole pieces or shredded. Your chicken or steak will be easier to cut up with your pizza cutter if you tear them up a bit before adding them to the bowl. 

Best bowl to use

As well as the proteins, nuts and other fibrous ingredients might be more challenging to slice depending on how sharp you keep your pizza cutter, but don't let that stop you. Besides enjoying the fact that you do not have to clean a cutting board, making a chopped salad with a pizza cutter and a bowl means it is much easier to make a single portion. If you are uncertain what type of bowl to use, a wooden or metal bowl will work fine, but a good plastic bowl is your best option, especially if it has a wide rim that can also be used to grip as you chop. 

This pizza cutter technique doesn't require a lot of skill, but you will need to turn the bowl as you go so that the cutter touches all of the veggies with its sharp blade. If you find bits of avocado or bacon are getting stuck to the top of the pizza cutter wheel as you chop, just take a rubber spatula and push those yummy remnants back into the bowl.