The Simple Tip To Keep Chopped Salad Fresh Longer

Prepping a chopped salad earlier in the week can give you stress-free meals for days. Instead of fretting about making a quick, hearty meal and opting for fast food instead, a packaged salad kit can offer an easy and healthy dish. But as much as we love meal prepping, sometimes the salads we made earlier in the week don't always stand the test of time.

Depending on when it was purchased and when the salad was taken out of the bag, greens only last about two or three days, at most. Taking a few wilted, slimy leaves out of the bunch won't hurt, but in no time, you may find that the whole thing is ruined. You might then be tempted to switch out your chopped salad for something else, but there's no need. In anĀ Instagram post, chef Timothy Clowers shows how covering a bowl of salad with paper towels and plastic wrap will keep it fresh for up to four days.

How to keep your chopped salad fresh

Taking a mixed salad sans dressing, he gently pushes a few sheets of paper towel onto the salad. The longtime caterer then places plastic wrap around the bowl, safely securing the salad inside.

With the salad safely kept by the plastic wrap, Clowers flips the bowl upside down and stores it in the fridge. The simple, yet effective hack works thanks to the plastic wrap and paper towel duo. While the outer plastic keeps the salad somewhat damp, preventing the greens from drying out fast, the paper towel gets rid of that excessive moisture that causes the salad to wilt and turn slimy.

The hack allows you to prep ahead without worrying that your salad will go bad before it's time to eat it. You can also seal the salad in a small, airtight container or Ziploc bag. Place a sheet of paper towel in there, as well, and watch as your salad stays fresh for days. Whether you're making a chopped Caprese salad for a dinner party days away or a Caesar salad for your weekly lunches, Clowers' hack takes the stress out of it.